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As a makeup artist, you know that every application begins with healthy, cleansed skin. Without proper skin care, those fabulous products in your makeup kit won’t translate well onto your client’s face, and they won’t look or feel nearly as gorgeous as they could. While we’re confident that you have many skincare tips and tricks in your arsenal, we like to be inspired by how our favorite celebrities care for their skin – after all, their full-time job is to be totally flawless!

Read on as we share some stellar skin care tips from 6 celebrities we look up to – we can guarantee some will surprise you!

Emma Stone

You know how they say that necessity is the mother of invention? Well, this is one saying that actress Emma Stone is very familiar with! Because she’s allergic to everything (beauty products included), she needed to find a moisturizer that wouldn’t cause a reaction – and this wasn’t easy!

The answer? Olive oil!

olive oil beauty hacks
The actress started using this kitchen cupboard staple as a moisturizer in her teens, and hasn’t changed her routine since. Not only does olive oil make skin smell incredibly fragrant, it provides a long-lasting shield of moisture and keeps skin smooth and supple throughout the day. We recommend applying it to damp skin for the best results (and less greasiness).

Kate Middleton

When we think of the Duchess of Cambridge’s skincare routine, we imagine only the most expensive cleansers and moisturizers, as well as daily spa treatments that keep her skin glowing nonstop. While this may very well be the case, we do know for sure that Catherine always uses a face cloth to cleanse her face. That’s right – the future Queen of England swears by a small square of flannel to exfoliate and cleanse twice a day.

We love how old-fashioned this is in terms of a skincare tip, as it’s tested and true. It’s definitely one of the top ways to exfoliate, as well!

Jennifer Lopez

It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Lopez is close to 50 years old – this is truly a testament to how well she takes care of her skin! Jenn is very strict, so be cautioned – she steers clear of alcohol, cigarettes, and even caffeine in an effort to keep her skin as pristine and youthful as possible. Also, she swears by 10 hours of sleep whenever she can (we can imagine it’s not always easy to get that many hours each night with her schedule!).

woman sleeping with mask improving skin care

While we recommend trying to stick to J-Lo’s routines, it’s also not always realistic. Get as much sleep as you can, and limit alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette use. Both your skin and body will thank you!

Gwyneth Paltrow

She may be known for her award-winning acting chops, but Gwyneth has been busy over the past decade building her lifestyle brand, Goop, which provides new age and healthy living advice. So, it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about skincare!

Her number one tip is omega-3 oil, which she applies lightly to her bare face, wearing it either alone or underneath makeup. If you’re not familiar with this oil, it’s actually the healing fat of the skin, and it should be noted that eating more omega-3 fats will have the same effect on your skin as omega-3 oil! However, Gwyneth has been known to gush over how wonderful this oil feels on the skin, so give it a try.

Just by looking at photos of Gwyneth, it’s clear that omega-3 oil is effective in brightening her complexion and giving her the dewy look that so many of us crave.


As a makeup artist, you’re well aware of the importance of sunscreen. Your skin endures a lot throughout the year, and needs protection from UV rays. Singer Shakira knows all about the damage that too much sun can cause (she’s from Colombia, after all!), and swears by baby sunscreen. You may be thinking that a sunscreen made for babies won’t provide the same level of protection for adults, and this is a common concern! However, because it’s made for a baby’s delicate skin, it’s all-natural, waterproof, and extremely gentle, making it a lighter alternative to heavy sun blocks that can clog pores.

woman on beach with sunscreen and natural makeup

If you want to really follow Shakira’s lead and keep your skin soft and safe from UV-rays, choose a spray-on baby sunscreen, as it gets misted on the face and not heavily applied. Be sure not to neglect your skin in the summer!

Miranda Kerr

You probably already know her as a supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, but Miranda Kerr is more than that– she’s also a certified health coach! Obsessed with all things organic, Miranda Kerr is a walking billboard for a healthy lifestyle, with luminous skin and hair. When it comes to maintaining her glowing complexion, Miranda has one secret weapon: rose-hip seed oil.

And she’s onto something! Rose-hip seed oil is bursting with vitamins and antioxidants that hydrate the skin and reduce scars, among other benefits. You can find it in health food and vitamin stores, and it goes on the skin very lightly, similar to the omega-3 oil that Gwyneth swears by.

Apply two to three drops directly to the face once or twice a day, and store it carefully either in the fridge or another dry, cool place. It needs to stay fresh!

With so many benefits, and Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous face as a reference point, what’s not to love about rose-hip seed oil?

Knowing your skin type is the first step to a proper skin care routine, so read on to find out what yours is, and how to work with it!

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