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Do you want to take your makeup artistry skills to the next level? The Pro Makeup Workshop will reveal some of Nathan Johnson’s best secrets to help shape you into an advanced pro makeup artist!

You’ll be instructed and tutored by Nathan himself as he helps you to challenge yourself and push your creative borders to allow you to become your own unique and magnificent artist.

Add to your makeup arsenal and learn how to think outside the box! You’ll master techniques like applying intricate eyeliner and smokey eyes, and you’ll learn to reinvent classic looks like bridal makeup and pin-up makeup!

The Pro Makeup Workshop with Nathan Johnson is the perfect follow-up to QC’s most popular course, Master Makeup Artistry. But this workshop is also great for any experienced or previously-trained artist looking to push their creativity and to perfect their skills.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the workshop, taken right from the “Glitter” lesson!

Let’s Recap

Start by priming the lid

Primer makes your makeup stay in place and requires far fewer touch-ups. Applying primer will help it stay where you want it to.

Apply a base for your glitter

Here Nathan is using a greasepaint base, but you can also use eyelash adhesive or eye makeup primer. Greasepaint is nice and thick and will have an incredible hold on the glitter. You can intensify a certain glitter color by using the same color greasepaint, or you can create a stunning contrast by using a different color base than your glitter. Be generous when applying the grease paint and remind your model to keep their eyes closed!

Note: It is extremely important to use cosmetic glitter! Never apply craft glitter to a client’s, or even your own, face as it could cause some serious damage to the eyes.

Apply your glitter

Using either a tool specifically for glitter or even a flat brush or concealer brush, press the glitter into your base. Build it up until it reaches the desired level of glow.

Pro tip: Glitter can have a life of its own! When doing a glitter look, always start with the eyes.

You now have a beautiful and bold glitter eye! Now it’s time to dress it up…

Want to learn more about working with glitter and finishing off your looks? Check out the Pro Makeup Workshop with Nathan Johnson!

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