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Your love for makeup doesn’t have to stay a hobby. You can turn it into a career with a makeup artistry certification!

In many regions, you need a makeup artist license to apply makeup on paying clients. We always recommend our students check with their local cosmetology licensing board before taking a makeup course.

Even with a cosmetology license, though, you may not have the technical skill to do makeup professionally. Completing a makeup certification will set you apart from all the other cosmetologists and MUAs in your area.

Want to know how? Keep reading!

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You’ll get a ton of perks

First things first, you’ll often get a ton of perks when you enroll in a makeup certification course. We’ve discussed this at length on our blog, but let’s run through some of the top perks.


Honestly, who doesn’t love saving a bit of cash? Especially on makeup supplies! Many makeup schools (online and brick-and-mortar) offer exclusive discounts to various beauty brands. Getting your makeup certification and building a killer kit doesn’t have to break the bank.


Convenience is a major perk when getting your makeup artistry certification online. Who likes commuting to class each day anyway? With online makeup classes, you can roll out of bed, grab your laptop, and enjoy some well-deserved breakfast-in-bed while watching course tutorials.

Unlimited Practice Time

Another perk that comes from taking your makeup classes online is the unlimited study and practice time you’ll receive. You can practice as often and as much as you want before submitting your assignments. You’ll always be confident that you’ve submitted your best work. Unlike brick-and-mortar schools, there are no hard deadlines when taking online makeup courses.

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You’ll receive expert training

This is a no-brainer! Professional makeup artistry class equals training from real, working professionals! When choosing an online makeup school, you should always check out the instructor giving you training and feedback. Read about your future instructors and tutors. Do they have plenty of experience in the field? Do they do great work? Are they someone you look up to and want feedback from? These are important questions!

Once you’ve chosen the right school for you, you’ll come out of your course a better MUA! Expert training is important if you want to set yourself apart from the rest. You’ll be able to tell clients that you’ve received training from an MUA who’s worked on hundreds of celebrities. It’s one hell of a marketing tool for your own services!

Your makeup skills will reach a whole new level

A makeup artistry license may prove you understand hygiene and professional practices for running an MUA business, but what about skill? With a makeup certification, you’ll receive a physical piece of paper that proves you’ve got passion, skill, and professional training.

Your professional training will show in your applications. The thing about learning makeup from gurus on YouTube is that you’re just following their tutorials. By getting professional training, you’ll be able to understand makeup trends and apply them professionally to any look. You’ll create your own style and brand yourself as an MUA with great potential.

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Your portfolio will be full of incredible work

Throughout your makeup artistry certification course, you’ll complete a ton of hands-on projects. An added bonus to taking your course online is that you’ll have to professionally photograph all your work. These photos will be incredible additions to your makeup artist portfolio.

A makeup artistry portfolio is something you can show potential clients and employers. It’s the best representation of your skillset and professional experience. Consider having an online portfolio. A digital collection of your best work allows any interested potential clients to easily access your work.

You’ll have a killer resume

With many certifications, you’ll be able to add professional titles to your name. Pair your portfolio with a “CIMP” (Certificated International Makeup Professional) designation and you’ll get jobs for sure. Like we said, having a certification is a great way to prove that you have hands-on experience!

Now, go turn that love and passion for makeup into a full-time career by getting your certification!

Still not sure if getting a makeup certification is for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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