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Are you having trouble applying a steady winged liquid liner? If so, you'll want to check out this step-by-step tutorial by Pro Makeup Artist Brittany Hall!
Every girl wants to feel like a princess sometimes. Inspired by Disney's upcoming Cinderella movie, Brittany Hall created a beautiful everyday princess makeup look you'll just adore. Check out her step-by-step tutorial today!
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Are you a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey? In honor of the movie's release, learn how to create a sultry makeup look!
Winter can be a drag... but your makeup doesn't have to be! Join QC's Brittany Hall as she explains how you can beat the winter blues and pull off one of her favorite winter makeup looks!
Catch up with professional makeup artist, Brittany Hall, as she discusses the art of the client consultation! Learn how to ask the RIGHT questions in order to understand and deliver exactly what your clients want!
Do you LOVE the Hunger Games? How about the Hunger Games Makeup? Learn how to recreate a Katniss Everdeen look from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
Do you know the difference between BB Cream vs CC Cream? Do you know how to use them? Join Brittany Hall as she explains how each is used by makeup artists.