Cinderella-Inspired Princess Makeup Tutorial

Today I’m going to share an every day princess makeup tutorial! With the release of Disney’s new Cinderella movie this weekend I thought I would create a simple, pretty look inspired by Cinderella and many of her fellow Princesses! Now this can be interpreted many different ways. I chose to take small elements of a Princesses look and make it more day to day wearable. Key words I kept in mind when creating the look were:

  • fresh
  • pretty
  • naturally beautiful
  • lightweight
  • gleam
  • subtle sparkle
  • bright eyed

First I created a very smooth and flawless base using a medium coverage foundation with a concealer to highlight and cover any imperfections…

Makeup—Concealer & Foundation

I kept my contour fairly light handed and cool in undertone and my blush pretty in pink!

For eyes, I used this very finely milled shimmer shadow in a soft champagne colour. This colour is discontinued but just use something similar! Steer away from using large glitter you want to keep it looking like fairy dust 😉

Makeup—Glitter Eyeshadow

After I applied the glitter I just took the same colour blush I used on my cheeks and lightly ran it through my crease. To create that nice big doe eyed look, use a white liner along your lower lash line/water line and even highlight your tear duct with it! This keeps the look open and fresh!

Makeup—White Eyeliner

Lastly for lips, I went with a super soft pale pink shade (Cream Cup by MAC). First I concealed the redness in my lip a bit using a concealer, then I lined my lip with a soft pink liner (Stripped by BH Cosmetics) and then filled in my lip using Cream Cup.

Makeup—Lipstick & Liner

And here you have it, princess inspired everyday makeup. Light fresh and pretty!

Brittany's Cinderella princess-inspired makeup look

Where do you draw your inspiration for makeup looks? Let us know in a comment!

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