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With the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, the QC team and I decided to show you a tutorial on a deep sultry makeup look. This can be interpreted in so many different ways! I decided to go with a super dark cat eye and a defined lip with color, but more of a β€œbitten” hue than anything obvious, almost as if the lips had a natural flush about them.

First off, let’s start with the eyes. Here is a step-by-step process for achieving this look:

Fifty Shades Makeup Steps

(Starting from top left and going across, then down and back to the left)

1. Start with a primed eye, apply a neutral shadow all over the lid and a slightly darker neutral shadow through the crease. We are going to keep the shadow very simple and just contour the lid as not to take away from the cat eye look!

2. Start by building your liquid liner across the lid, determining how thick you want your look to be.

3. Then extend your lower lash line up and out, starting to form the beginning of our wing.

4. Connect the top of the line on the lid to the peak of the wing you have created and fill it in.

5. Connect the under belly of the wing to the lower lash line stopping about β…“ of the way in.

6. Take a black shadow and a small smudging brush and soften the under line of the wing, at the same time darkening the liquid liner.

7. Next, take a black pencil liner and line your waterline finishing off the under eye portion of the look.

8. Pop a bit of shimmering highlight into the inner corner (tear duct) to soften the look slightly.

9. Last but not least, apply a healthy few coats of mascara, or pop on some false lashes to heighten the look that much more!

To finish off the look take a deep neutral lip liner, something that is maybe 3 shades darker than your natural lip colour and line your lips filing in the outer corners only. Then fill in the rest of the lip with a deeper neutral, I used Twig by Mac Cosmetics.

And here’s the final look!

Final Look 50 Shades Makeup

Hope you guys enjoyed that tutorial, and all the best recreating the look yourselves!

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