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Today’s blog post is going to be a simple and easy approach to a winged liquid liner! This is the method I prefer to use but choose the right technique and product for you. To follow along with me, use a felt tip liner. You are more than welcome to use a gel liner or a dip brush liner product instead!

Liquid liner should be one of the last steps on the lid area before mascara and lashes. The reason for this is you want your liner to stay nice and black. Applying shadow after you do your liquid liner will dull out your liner with product fall out.

Step 1:

Determine your line thickness. This step you want to complete the line across the lid. Ensuring the lashes are saturated and you have your line straight and even across the lid. This step does not have to be perfect as we are just gauging our look. Take a look here at what step one should look like…

Winged Liquid Liner Tutorial—Step 1

Step 2:

Determine angle of wing. This is the step you want to create the lower line of the wing. Determining if you want your angle more straight across, or upright for a more “pin up” look. Here is what step two should look like…

Winged Liquid Liner Tutorial—Step 2

Step 3:

Connect the top of your lid line to the mid point of your wing. As shown below…

Winged Liquid Liner Tutorial—Step 3

Step 4/finished look:

Fill and perfect. Now you fill in the gap and perfect your liner using small precise strokes.

Winged Liquid Liner Tutorial—Step 4

There you have it! My go to approach to a winged liquid liner! Hope this post was informative and helpful! Happy winging 😉

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