The Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial: Katniss Everdeen

With the release of the newest Hunger Games movie upon us, the ladies at QC and I decided that a Katniss makeup tutorial would be the perfect post for this week! Iโ€™m going to be recreating the look from Catching Fire at the Tribute Parade.

Letโ€™s get started with what essential products you want to incorporate into the lookโ€ฆ

Key Items that make this look:

  1. A cool tone blush, something that almost looks like wind burned cheekies. I used Sin by NARS.
  2. A super super black shadow. I used Black Dog from this Urban Decay palette.
  3. A super gold metallic shadow or pigment. I used Gold from MAC.
  4. A glitter glue to adhere the pigment.
  5. A frosty/pink/neutral ish lip that almost looks natural.

These key products will really help us achieve this awesome Katniss look!

Creating the Look

  1. Start out by creating an evening complexion how you normally would, foundation concealer and contour. Next apply the cool toned pink blush to the apples of the cheeks blending back above your contour.
  2. Next up, eyes. Black out your lower lash line completely with a creamy black liner. Apply the liner along your waterline as well as thoroughly saturating the lashes and lash line.
  3. Now we want to smoke out the lid completely. Apply your black shadow liberally all over the lid. Packing it on and then blending it out and up into the crease.
  4. Now go in with your gold and mixing medium and draw the curves ensuring the gold is very pigmented.
  5. Take a small shadow brush and outline your gold strokes with a faint line of blackโ€ฆ
  6. Lastly dab on the lip product until your content with that natural pink lip flush that Katniss is rockingโ€ฆ

There you have itโ€”our completed look!

For all you Hunger Game super fans, this would be an awesome look to rock while attending a viewing party with your friends! I also think you could totally flaunt this look for NYE, hmm? Hope you all enjoyed!

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