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These days, it’s not uncommon to see MUAs starting up beauty blogs (or vlogs) as part of their makeup career. It’s an easy and extremely effective way to build upon your professional website, expand your clientele, and bring your makeup business even more visibility! Not to mention, you’re provided with another platform to share your industry expertise with the world!

If you’re running your own beauty blog, or you’re thinking of starting one, it’s probably safe to say that you’re always on the lookout for content ideas. After all, one of the challenges of running a blog/vlog is to publish fresh content on a frequent basis.

You don’t want to always be posting the exact same topics as every other beauty blog out there. Otherwise, how can you expect your makeup business’s blog to stand out?

At first, coming up with content may be effortless. The longer you run your blog, though, and the more content you’ve already released, the trickier it can sometimes feel to come up with new, unique topics. This is where we come in.

Below are 80 fun ideas that we welcome you to use for your own beauty blog! ❤️️

  1. Your favorite summer makeup looks.
  2. Show your audience what’s currently in your professional makeup kit!
  3. Spring cleaning your makeup kit – tips and tricks.
  4. The best budget-friendly cosmetic products.
  5. Purchase a higher-end product and its drugstore dupe with the same ingredients, and compare the two in a review!
  6. A breakdown of your daily makeup routine.
  7. Create makeup tutorials for specific looks, seasons, holidays, and/or other special occasions.
  8. DIY tips and tricks for properly storing your makeup.
  9. Advice/motivation for anyone looking to start up their own makeup business.
  10. Makeup for beginners: everything the newbie MUA needs to know!
  11. Your Holy Grail products that you will always
  12. Try out a current makeup product and give it a thorough review.
  13. How to apply the perfect set of false eyelashes.
  14. Make a list of high-end products that were worth the price. Feel free to do this with your favorite budget-friendly drugstore products, too!
  15. The best makeup items to bring with you when travelling.
  16. Innovative ways to fix and/or repurpose broken makeup.
  17. Put together an entire look using ONLY $1.00 makeup products!
  18. Tips and tricks for properly cleaning + sanitizing your brushes and other tools.
  19. Makeup business tips for finding jobs and new clients.
  20. Share your MUA story (or host an Ask Me Anything webinar)!
  1. Breaking down the different skin types.
  2. Share your morning (and/or nighttime) skincare routine!
  3. How COVID-19 has affected your skincare routine.
  4. Make a DIY face mask and share the results (plus the recipe).
  5. The minimalist’s skincare routine: create a solid skincare routine in 5 steps or less!
  6. Your current skincare wish-list.
  7. A list of your favorite DIY skincare hacks.
  8. Your top picks for all-natural, organic skincare products.
  9. The best budget-friendly products that give great results!
  10. Skincare advice for mature skin.
  11. Why it’s important to add skincare training to your makeup business.
  12. An honest look at skincare products: what you DON’T need!
  13. The best products for healthy, summer skin.
  14. Go through your current skincare empties, review, and determine whether you plan to repurchase.
  15. Organize a list of trendy skincare products that are totally worth all the hype (and maybe the ones that aren’t).
  16. A list of your favorite, best-smelling skincare items.
  17. Tips and tricks for acne, redness, dryness, oiliness, and/or any other problematic skin conditions.
  18. The ultimate Holy Grail skincare product list.
  19. Business advice for aspiring skincare consultants.
  20. Share your skincare story (or host an Ask Me Anything Webinar)!

Advanced and/or Specialty Makeup (only if applicable to your qualifications)

  1. Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup: create the same look and compare the results.
  2. Break down your airbrush makeup equipment and products.
  3. Make tutorials for different airbrush looks (bridal, editorial, SFX, etc.).
  4. Water-based, silicone-based, and alcohol-based: which is the best kind of airbrush makeup?
  5. Make tutorials for various SFX makeup looks.
  6. Share what’s in your SFX makeup kit!
  7. Review a trending SFX makeup product.
  8. Explore the different areas of SFX makeup (film, television, editorial, live stage, etc.).
  9. Discuss what draws you to SFX makeup, and why you’re passionate about it.
  10. Burns, cuts, and other wounds: how to create realistic gore.
  11. Why global beauty training is an asset to your makeup career.
  12. How to create the perfect Henna tattoo.
  13. Tips and tricks for adjusting your makeup products to ANY skin tone!
  14. How to work cultural and/or religious beliefs into your client’s makeup style.
  15. Do a walk-through of your professional website and/or portfolio.
  16. Why makeup business knowledge is critical if you want to start a freelance career.
  17. The do’s and don’ts for your professional makeup portfolio.
  18. Your experience working as a makeup artist in a stylized photoshoot.
  19. How to handle negative criticism for your makeup business.
  20. The top list of industry “secrets” that makeup artists want their clients to know!
  1. The sexiest (but most practical) hair styles for summer.
  2. Your go-to hair styling tools and equipment.
  3. Review a popular, trending hair styling tool.
  4. Hair styling hacks for any skill level!
  5. Your favorite up-dos of all time.
  6. Why hair styling training makes you an even stronger makeup artist.
  7. Tutorials of specific hair styles, up-dos, down-dos, etc.
  8. Framing the face: how to pick the best hair style for your client’s bone structure.
  9. How to clean your hair styling tools.
  10. A guide on properly operating/using all of your hair styling tools.
  11. Determining your client’s ideal style: which questions to ask during your fashion styling consultation.
  12. 2020’s best (and worst) fashion trends.
  13. How to effectively spring clean your closet.
  14. A minimalist’s guide to fashion styling: how to narrow down your wardrobe to the essentials.
  15. Tips and tricks for matching your client’s clothing to their personality.
  16. How to build your wardrobe on a budget!
  17. Why fashion styling services can take your makeup business to the next level!
  18. Challenge yourself to put together the ultimate wardrobe for under $25.00, and share the results.
  19. Tips and tricks for dressing for the job you want.
  20. Order an outfit off a popular shopping website (such as Wish) and review its quality.

Of course, all of these ideas are only just scratching the surface. There are thousands upon thousands of awesome, inventive beauty blog topics out there. It’s just a matter of brainstorming and thinking outside the box.

There will ALWAYS be something to talk about, rest assured. So, go forth and let yourself get creative! 😊

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