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Got a passion for fashion? Have you always been the best dressed person in the room? Want to help other people feel great about themselves? A fashion styling course may be right for you! Offered in a package with the Master Makeup Artistry course, the Fashion Styling course will teach you how to become a professional stylist and how to start your own business. You can also access Fashion Styling on its own through our sister school, QC Style Academy.

What does a fashion styling course look like?

You’ll be instructed by one of our professional fashion stylists. Their careers in the fashion industry have taken them through personal to editorial fashion styling experiences. They’ll teach you how to identify different body types and how to style them so that your future clients will get the most flattering look for their figure. You’ll also be able to analyze a person’s wardrobe, identify gaps, and help them shop for versatile clothes that are both functional and fashionable. Then there’s maternity wear, age-appropriate attire, bridal fashion, thrifting at second-hand stores, and more!

On the business side of things, you can expect to learn about building a client base, negotiating contracts, determining service pricing, creating business plans, and all the other “back office” aspects of your business you need to start making money when you graduate.

Your course materials

Besides technical skills, your tutors will push you to think outside the box and hone in on your interpersonal skills. Does any of this sounds exciting to you? Check out the sample from one of our course texts for a sneak peak of what can expect to learn in one of our course units!

Male Client Wardrobe Guide

In the above excerpt, you learn about men’s accessories and how a man’s lifestyle affects the types of pieces that become mainstays in his wardrobe. You’ll learn about creating an efficient wardrobe for many occasions with only a few larger pieces (accessories can do wondrous things!), and what to look for when you’re building a male client’s wardrobe.

As a fashion stylist most of your clients will be women, but it’s always great to make sure that you have diverse skills and services so that you can work with any potential client who makes an inquiry.

Your assignments

You’ll be expected to complete assignments throughout your course—like the one below. This is the kind of assignment you’ll be doing in the client-centric unit of this course.

Unit 6, Assignment 1—The Client: Client Style Assessment

Sounds simple enough, right? But once you get started, you may find it trickier than it looks! Luckily, your tutor will mark your assignments and provide valuable feedback about your work. It’s your chance to get your assignments looked at by professionals in the field, so take this opportunity and run with it!

Think you’re ready to become a QC student? Check out the Fashion Styling course!

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