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If you’re thinking about expanding your online presence past blog and Instagram posts, YouTube is probably at the top of your to-do list.

Many professional and amateur beauty bloggers have found success on this top video platform. Top performing amateurs like Michelle Phan have launched their own makeup lines after racking up millions of subscribers on YouTube. Meanwhile YouTuber Huda Kattan, a Hollywood-trained makeup artist, launched her own makeup brand at Sephora to great fanfare. YouTube fame doesn’t discriminate if you know how to give people what people want, but the beauty community has been over-saturated by new creators in recent years. If you’re looking to foray into YouTube’s beauty scene, you have to set yourself apart. So how do you go about doing it?

If you have your makeup certification, your professional skills can help you create more and better content, recommend products, and educate people about the profession. Having this training can be one of the best ways to add value to your channel and your brand. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out how makeup artist training will help your YouTube channel!

You’ll have more and better content

makeup tutorial being filmed

While some beauty channels delve into lifestyle, hauls, and first impressions videos, you can deliver quality content and know what you’re talking about. Let’s delve into all the ways your content can benefit from professional training:

Variety of content

With the rise of Instagram makeup, many channels are dedicated to teaching their viewers how to create bold looks with dramatic lashes, striking contour, and bold lips. This look has become pretty one-dimensional and many professional MUAs have become critical at how clone-like all the beauty looks have become on social media.

You, on the other hand, obviously know how to achieve these Instagram makeup looks, but you’re also able to design looks that translate well to real life. You can create fresh office looks, subtle romantic looks, and flirty daytime looks that aren’t as heavy-handed and involved—you know, tutorials people actually want to watch!

Your tutorials are legit

Your advanced knowledge of product application in keeping up with industry standards and the latest trends will help you create content that doesn’t suck. Unlike some of the other enthusiasts who think craft glitter is okay to use on the lids, you know that only cosmetic glitter is safe for the eyes. People can spot the difference between a decent artist and a talented one.

Your range of different tutorials and looks will be much wider than amateurs who only know how to do their own makeup. They likely won’t be able to correct different flaws and enhance different features on men and women of different skin tones and conditions. They might know how to cover up freckles, but do they know what kind of foundation type to use for eczema? Especially if you’re able to give on-the-go tips for viewers on how to adapt your nose contouring or blush placement during your tutorial, you’ll rack up thousands of views in no time!

YouTube beauty guru makeup tutorial lessons

You can better recommend products

Part of being a YouTube beauty guru is being sent products to use, review, and promote. Once you’ve established yourself on the platform, your business inbox may flood with sponsorship offers and free products. Some new gurus may be tempted to just take the sponsorships for money and promote the products blindly to viewers, but you know better. As a certified professional MUA, you’re responsible for dishing out correct, well-researched makeup advice and product recommendations. Not all products will work for every skin, face, and eye types. With professional training, you’d be able to examine just what a product does and recommend it to people who fit into specific criteria. If you’re looking to grow your viewer base, appealing and relating to the every-day woman can do wonders for your channel.

You can educate new MUAs

Social media has single-handedly changed the makeup and beauty industry. Viewers at home are learning how to love their natural features and how to show off the best version of themselves through makeup. But while they may have learned how to use Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dipbrow, they probably don’t know the basics of sanitary practice.

There are dozens of other videos that are just waiting to be made by a certified makeup artist. From educating people on how to clean and store their makeup brushes to building a clients list for their makeup business, there can never be too many of these types of videos. Unlike the thousands of tutorials on how to get the Kim Kardashian contour look, there are only a few informative videos on the business of makeup. Aspiring artists can’t get enough when it comes to researching how to succeed as a professional in their region, so here’s your chance to shine. Sally forth!

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