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Glam shaming has been quite the topic in the makeup community. Maybe it's gotten so much attention because for many makeup and glam lovers, it's totally relatable. Continue reading to learn about how you can deal with glam shaming.
Many makeup artists find themselves drawn to careers in special effects makeup artistry. Creating full body characters is the ultimate creative experience. Find out how to create full body characters with special effects makeup!
So you're ready to start working towards your dream of becoming a makeup artist. But do you know what to look for in an academy? Here is some insight on how your makeup academy can impact your chances of getting a job!
A career as a makeup artist can take you (literally) anywhere! If you are passionate about global beauty, a career abroad may be right for you! Here is our list of the most exciting destinations to practice makeup!
Here's a roundup of reviews for QC Makeup Academy from 2017!
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