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Have you been thinking of starting your makeup journey with QC Makeup Academy? We know that choosing the right online makeup school for you can be a long and overwhelming process.  Therefore, we want to show you what our school has to offer.

Let’s take a look back at our reviews from 2017, and see what our students have to say!

Annette Silverstre:

“I am currently taking the Master Makeup Artistry Course & the Portfolio Development Workshop with Nathan, as well as the Special Effects Makeup course with Michele. I’m extremely happy with this school. The course started with the arrival of my starter kit. My entire course materials came printed in books, as well as online in addition to DVDs, palettes and a brush set.! Everything is great quality. I like that I can work at my own pace & have all the information I need to get everything done.

I have to admit that the student site can be a little confusing at first, but with proper use of the course guides, it’s easy to navigate each unit. The school is great- I had emailed them to request a specific tutor & they had quickly changed my tutor without hesitation.

I’m excited to be doing these courses with QC, they’ve opened me up to a world of makeup for photography and theatre within my small community and I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to practice on a variety of models.

Joining QC Makeup Academy is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I will be continuing my education with QC with the Airbrush & Pro Makeup courses after I am done the three I am working on now. My dream is to do makeup for TV & Film. I never thought it would be possible being a mom of two from a small town and working part time. QC Makeup Academy made it all possible!”

Holly M. Weiss:

“A wonderful school to learn about the artistry of makeup and so much more. Learn at your own pace and have amazingly talented tutors to help you. I am loving this course and the way they teach, and highly recommend it to anyone that loves makeup and more.”

Brianna Blush:

“I was so curious about how everything worked at QC Makeup Academy, and after finishing my first unit, I received an audio recording from Nathan Johnson, where he gave me feedback on the entire unit I completed. I thought it was so awesome. Nathan Johnson is someone to truly admire. Do not forget to request him for your classes! I wish I would have discovered QC Makeup Academy sooner. My questions are always answered and I have so much time to get other things done because all of my classes are online. I highly recommend QC Makeup Academy to everyone who is on the fence of enrolling! Also, there are contests and giveaways which make it ten times more fun, and please ask about all the savvy”

Nikki Sadler

“QC Makeup Academy is AMAZING, not only are the materials easy to follow and to learn from, but the tutors are incredible. And the support you get from not just the school itself, but also fellow students and graduates, is second to none”.

Chelsea Crediford:

“I signed up for the Master Makeup Artistry course a little over a week ago and have already completed my first unit. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant on going to an online makeup academy. After I got my books and makeup kit and started my course, I QUICKLY fell in love with this school. My tutor graded my first unit quickly and gave me the constructive criticism I needed and praised me on the things I did correctly. QC Makeup Academy treats their students on a personal level, you don’t feel like just a number.

Thank you QC for making my dreams to become a makeup artist a possibility from the comfort of my own home! (Full of four crazy children)”

Lashaunda Gary:

“I love that you work at your own pace and if you have questions they are there for you. Anytime I reached out, I received a timely response. My tutor was great, I didn’t wait long for my assignments to be graded. Also, if you think you can’t afford it, think again! Payment plans for every financial situation was also a huge relief for me. Great experience.”

Melyssa Naomi:

“Fabulous tutors! So helpful and knowledgeable, and the school administrators are always quick to answer any questions or concerns that may come up. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to perfect the art of make up :)”

Candace Lyttle:

“I signed up awhile back with QC in the Master Makeup Artistry course. I absolutely loved it, learned so much, and met so many people. Also, I am getting out of my comfort zone in makeup and am going to try the Airbrush & SFX courses after I’m done the Pro Makeup Workshop with Nathan. I definitely recommend this course to anyone.

Just got my certificate in the mail yesterday as well. Thank you so much.

I might end up doing all courses…even with fashion and hair. :)”

Marinda Allred:

“I joined QC about 2 months ago and have already finished my Master Makeup Artistry course with all A’s. I am so thankful for everything they have taught me. I have 4 more courses to complete and I can’t wait to earn more certificates and grow as an artist.”

Stacie Price:

“I signed up back in January and completed my first unit pretty quickly…but a lot has gone on since, and I don’t have much time anymore. But the great thing about QC is that you have 3 years to complete the course. Being a single mother of 2 children under the age of 3, with some personal things going on, this is so beneficial for me. I also love  the fact you can pay in installments. I love this course so much. I’m doing the Master Makeup Artistry course and the Pro Makeup Workshop… once I’ve completed them I’ll be signing up for more courses. I’d recommend this school to anyone… I’m in the UK.”

Megan Edwards:

“I’ve learned so much and it’s so convenient. Love it! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist. I’m currently on Unit C in the Master Makeup Artistry course and can’t wait to continue on. The supplies given are very good quality. The videos and text given are so helpful and knowledgeable.


I have finally graduated since my review above and my review hasn’t changed. The tutors’ critiques and advice helped me so much to become a better makeup artist. They supply you with so much knowledge and break down the business side of the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Follow your dreams like I did. Sign up today!”

QC is proud to have provided professional makeup training to over 13,000 students. With our detailed and flexible course materials and outstanding student support, we are committed to helping each and every one of our students build a successful career as a professional makeup artist.

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