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Every year, brands take pride in putting out their own April Fool’s hoaxes. At QC Makeup Academy, we pay particular attention to how beauty brands make their mark.

Plus, everyone can benefit from a good laugh – that’s why we are bringing you this collection of the best beauty brand April Fool’s jokes! Continue reading for some of our favorites.

Benefit’s You Grow Girl Brow Supplement

The world is brow obsessed. Anyone who has ever over tweezed knows how hard it is to grow your brows back to perfection. Benefit cosmetics knows this all too well, and their brow products have a cult following. Maybe, that’s why we weren’t surprised about this one.

In 2016, Benefit introduced the You Grow Girl Brow Supplement. In just three weeks you can have the full brows you’ve always dreamed of! Just add a scoop of the You Grow Girl supplement powder to your morning smoothie and you’ll be on your way. Oh, how we wish this wasn’t a hoax!

Sephora’s Here Kitty Kitty & Fluffy Perfumes

Have you ever wished you could attract the very thing you love most? Cat lovers everywhere rejoice! Well, they did for a moment when Sephora launched a cat themed perfume line. They asked people to vote between Here Kitty Kitty and Fluffy scents. Both were equally repulsive in our opinion.

Only a true cat lover could appreciate a fish and cat nip scented eau de parfum. Of course, if you really are in the market for some cat loving, regular cat nip will do just fine.

woman reacting poorly to a perfume

Sephora’s Gaming Station

Every beauty lover knows how annoying it is to be rushed when shopping at Sephora. There are always new products and makeup looks that need your testing. When shopping with someone less enthusiastic about beauty, both parties can become a little irritated.

Sephora came out with an in-store gaming station via Twitter. Shopping partners everywhere momentarily celebrated. Instead of following around makeup addicts in Sephora, shopping partners could distract themselves with some gaming. It really isn’t a bad idea. We wouldn’t hate it.

Zoya’s Grass Growing Nail Polish

Okay, is this one really that out there? We have seen nail polish brands come up with some crazy things before. Does anyone remember shatter and magnetic nail polishes? Some people have even pierced their nails. That’s why we have to admit, this one kind of got us.

A few years ago, Zoya came out with an April Fool’s grassy collection. You could have Zoya’s all natural grass growing lipstick or nail polish. They even created an instruction pamphlet on how you can “grow the look.” You see how we fell for this right? It definitely would have caught on.

NYX Woke up like this spray

Oh, NYX. You can’t tease us like this! In 2016, the beauty brand posted a product teaser video for their new facial spray. The spray claimed to last 124 hours and be sweat, sleep and shower proof. Talk about a triple threat… why isn’t this a real thing?

NYX even included a glam guard with your purchase! The thing essentially looks like Darth Vader’s mask. But come on, doesn’t that sound handy? Say goodbye to glam shaming!

woman getting ready in the morning

Illamasqua Anti-Troll Spray

This one is seriously funny. UK youtuber Jamie Genevieve posted a video on April 1, 2016 advertising Illamasqua’s anti-troll spray. Her delivery is absolutely flawless. How can you not fall for this when she speaks so highly of the brand and their innovation!

Give the video a watch – it’s too hilarious not to. They even branded the bottle and used the tagline “A spray a day keeps the trolls at bay.” Okay, hilarious AND a dream come true! Any blogger or youtuber would agree, if this product came out for real, everyone would be using it. We are patiently waiting for a legitimate troll repellent to appear in the beauty market any day now!

Sigma Brow Weave

Back to the brow theme, Sigma also came out with an April Fool’s joke of their own. The beauty brand tweeted out a trend alert – the brow weave. We don’t know if they photoshopped the model’s brows or if they actually glued on some brow extensions… but it looks so real.

There have been equally crazy eyebrow trends in recent years. For some reason we think this isn’t too far off. We are already tattooing our eyebrows and getting eyebrow extensions, weaves don’t sound like such a bad idea…

What do you think brands will come up with this year? We can’t wait! The craziest part is that some of these ideas and products actually sound awesome. Maybe someday technology will get there. But, for now we’re looking forward to what April Fool’s Day has in store for us in 2018!

woman with eyebrows done

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