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Hairstyling is a fun and rewarding profession. If you’re a makeup artist, you’ve probably had clients ask you about hairstyling. The two skills go hand in hand! For clients, it’s definitely a bonus if their makeup artist is a one-stop shop. But, like any career choice, you should consider your education from an investment perspective.

Online hairstyling courses are less expensive than attending a college. This means it will take you less time to pay back the price of your course and start making money! How much can you expect to make upon graduating? The answer depends on a few factors.

Continue reading to discover how much you’ll make after graduating from an online hairstyling course!

Are you a makeup artist?

Like we mentioned earlier, hairstyling and makeup artistry are skills that go hand in hand. That’s why so many beauty professionals are masters of both trades. Whether you start as a makeup artist or as a hairstylist, at some point you’ll begin to think about adding a second certification to your resume. There are simply too many reasons not to!

In our experience, it’s more common for trained makeup artists to take hairstyling courses than vice versa. So, let’s talk about that. If you’re a makeup artist you likely offer both packages and a la carte services. Adding hairstyling to your list of offerings is a chance to earn more and create some fun full-service packages!

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We suggest listing your hairstyling services separately with individual pricing. Then if a client is looking for multiple services, you can offer bundle discounts! But, how much should you list your hairstyling services for?

Since you’re graduating from a certified online hairstyling course, you’ll be able to charge a premium for your services. With all that training, clients will know you’re good! With that being said, it’s easier to build your portfolio when you’re just starting out by charging introductory prices. Depending on the hairstyling service, prices can range quite a bit. A blowout is less time consuming than a bridal updo. Check out this list of sample prices:

  • Wash and blowout ($30+)
  • Curl, straighten ($30+)
  • Simple updo ($40+)
  • Advanced updo ($60+)
  • Bridal hair (price available upon request/consult)

As you can see, you can charge anywhere from $30 to over $100 for a single service. That’s before tipping as well!

Usually, clients will request more than one service at a time. For example, a bride will likely have a wash and blowout followed by a bridal styling. And if you’re a makeup artist, she’ll likely want a makeup application as well. That’s why we suggest advertising bridal hair prices as available on request. Depending on the look and time needed to create the look, prices will vary.

Packaging options

Now that you know you can package together some of your services, let’s talk about your packaging options. Think about offering different levels of packages. You can even use a fun theme like silver, gold and platinum for your package names!

You can also offer packages that vary based on how many guests are in a party. This is especially handy during wedding season. Typically, bridesmaids will opt for simple updos or waves with some additional styling. If you’re offering full services to a bridal party you can charge somewhere around the $80 range per person. The bride however, will be more in the $250+ range. This is broken down into your makeup application fee and hairstyling fee. These price points are definitely much higher than you could have charged pre-hairstyling graduation. That’s why it’s such a popular choice.

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Who’s the boss?

Of course, the prices you charge aren’t always entirely up to you. If you work freelance or have your own makeup artistry business, kudos to you! You have all the freedom when it comes to setting your prices.

If you prefer to work for a business, your prices will likely be set for you. This isn’t a bad thing; you’ll still be making more money. Plus, you’ll be able to pick up more jobs than you did before hairstyling training. Now, your boss will assign you to clients or parties that need makeup applications, hairstyling or better yet – both!

Be sure to speak to your current boss ahead of time and let them know you’ll be taking hairstyling courses. If you are waiting to apply to a salon or business, make sure you advertise that you’re double certified! Employers will love the fact that you are able to help out in more than one role. It will save them both the time and the hassle of hiring twice, and they’ll be able to advertise you as a full-service beauty expert.

Overall income

We’ve touched on the prices of individual services and packages. But, how much can you expect to earn after you graduate from your online hairstyling course? Consider the fact that you will essentially have two professions. Income as always, varies from person to person. You can however, use your current salary to estimate your earnings.

In the United States, makeup artists earn around $35 an hour. This translates into an average yearly salary of around $70,000. Of course, this number will range based on how busy you are and your local industry standards. Adding a hairstyling certification will allow you to increase this number. You may not be able to charge more per hour, but you will be able to offer more services and accept more jobs. This is what will translate into a higher income.
Depending on how much you would like to work, you can expect a salary increase of anywhere from 10% to 40%. The latter number is easier to achieve if you work freelance or if you’re self employed. This way you can adjust your prices based on the increase you would like to see in your salary.

Remember to look at your local industry for help setting your rates. This will tell you a lot about what the clients in your area are willing to pay, and the extra salary boost you can expect. You’ll be surprised by how willing people are to discuss career opportunities. What goes around comes around, and connections are key!

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Career opportunities

We can’t wrap up this article without talking about some career opportunities available to makeup artist/hairstylists. Besides the salary boost, your options are the best part of taking an online hairstyling course!

Sometimes clients need a one-stop shop. If you’re a trained makeup artist and hairstylist, you’ll open up some unexpected doors. How does Hollywood sound to you? Movie and music sets are always looking for beauty professionals. If you’re good at both, you’re the ultimate candidate.
If you like the fashion industry, you’ll love this next career opportunity: Fashion shoots and runways always need multiple professionals backstage. You’ll need to prepare the models and make sure you can perform touch-ups on the fly. This is definitely not for someone who doesn’t work well under pressure, but it’s an awesome opportunity nonetheless.

Adding a hairstyling certification to your resume is a great investment. It won’t take you long to start seeing a return. More clients, more income and more opportunities. What’s not to love?

Are you thinking about taking an online hairstyling course? Check out this article to learn if hairstyling is a good fit for you!


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