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Spring’s arrival means that Easter is just around the corner. For the beauty community, this is a chance to experiment with the season’s hottest makeup trends. Pastels are everywhere, and that’s exactly what we expect to see strewn across beauty bloggers’ feeds as the holiday nears closer.
Continue reading to learn about the hottest pastel trends this season and how you can incorporate them into your beauty routine!

All about the eyes

No matter your eye color, there is a pastel shade out there perfect for you. We’ve been noticing a lot of colorful looks! The best part about pastel colored makeup is that the colors blend so beautifully together. Picking a boring, one-color palette isn’t necessary when pastels complement one another as well as pastels do.

Pinks, blues, and purples are taking over the scene this year. It’s awesome too, because these colors are so spring! Depending on how bold you’re feeling, there are a couple ways you can incorporate pastels into your eye look.

Pastel smokey eyes are a great way to experiment with the trend. This is also a great look if you’re somewhat shy in terms of color use. You can still use fairly neutral tones and add some pigmented pastel shadowing in the crease. We are picturing a nude smokey eye with a pastel accent in the crease. This is just one example of a totally wearable pastel look you can accomplish with products you likely already have!

Another more subtle way to inject some pastel vibes into your #faceoftheday is by using colored eyeliner! Even if you do a thin line over top of your classic black cat-eye, you’ll still achieve that pastel pop! If you prefer to stick to eye shadow, use a brush to add some color underneath your lower lash line. Depending on the color you choose, this can really accentuate your natural eye color. Who doesn’t want their eyes to pop? It’s a win-win!

For those who absolutely adore pastels, feel free to be a little more adventurous with your eye looks! Tri-colored eye shadows are popping up on our feed already. Try using pink, purple and blue together in one look. We are seeing people transition their shadows from one color to the next both vertically and horizontally across the lid! There is something very unicorn about these looks.


Blushes are a natural way to take advantage of the pastel trend this year. It’s officially spring now anyway, so maybe you’ve already considered trading out your winter go-to blush for something lighter.

The issue with lighter blushes is that sometimes they apply slightly less opaque for our liking! That is definitely not what we are after if we want to look like pastel queens. Liquid, cream and gel blushes are great products to build color. Just be sure to blend! There are a lot of great drugstore options if you don’t want to splurge on the trend quite yet. Choose a pastel that suits your skin tone and you’ll be all set to rock the trend.

Pastel lips

This is probably the pastel trend we are most excited about. There have just been so many amazing and pigmented lip products on the market lately! Whether you prefer lipstick or a matte liquid, there is an option for you.

The most obvious color to go for is pastel pink. And the more bubblegum, the better! This lip look is extremely wearable and suits the season perfectly. An option we love is Pink Plaid by MAC!

If you’re interested in something slightly less conventional, think purple or blue! We get that these are less wearable for every day, but if there’s a day to do it, it’s definitely Easter. Plus, its spring now so who cares? It can be hard to build pastel colors up if products aren’t highly pigmented. We recommend going for a liquid lipstick in this case. Usually they’re more resistant to wear and have more color coverage. Purple Taffy by Smashbox is a great one to pick up if you’re ready to give this look a try. As a bonus, you can try adding this shade to your eye shadow to build up some color!

Candy-colored locks

Colorful hair has been a crowd pleaser for quite some time. This trend has been referred to as everything from cotton candy to unicorn hair. Whatever it’s called, we agree – it looks magical.

Our favorite part about candy-colored locks is that they don’t need to be permanent. If you can rock it all year round, we are envious – of your style and confidence. Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like you. Those of us that are slightly more nervous to commit to color have some great options available. It’s definitely easier to find products if your hair is lighter, but brunette beauties can achieve the look too!

We recommend using a color spray to give yourself some pastel highlights or an ombre look. This way if you love it, you can go the permanent route! And if not, you aren’t stuck with it. L’Oreal has a super affordable color line called Colorista. We love their color sprays. And yes, it does come in pastel tones! How perfect is that? This 1-day lasting product essentially looks like a can of spray paint, and that’s how it applies too! Our favorite is definitely the mint green.

If you are interested in trying out these colored locks, be sure to check out a few YouTube tutorials first. There a ton of unique techniques and gorgeous looks out there.

We aren’t necessarily suggesting that you should try all these trends at once. But, if you did, we would love to see it! Do you have any favorite pastel products? Let us know in the comments below or tag us in your #Eastermakeup look on Instagram @qcmakeupacademy!

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