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Global beauty is truly fascinating. Every culture has a different style and way of applying makeup. One of the best parts about a career in makeup is that your skills can take you anywhere. As long as you are willing to learn and adapt, you can practice makeup anywhere!

In this article we have rounded up what we think are some of the most exciting makeup artistry jobs available around the world. Keep reading to find out where you may enjoy working next!

East Asia

East Asian beauty is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Glowing skincare routines and minimalistic makeup looks are popular here. Accenting the eyes and making them appear larger is one East Asian trend that seems to be dominating the industry. It’s all about natural beauty, artistic expression and experimenting with different techniques!

Beauty products in East Asia have a cult following. From famous Korean face masks to cleansers and specially formulated mascaras, there is no shortage of new beauty products! If you are interested in the East Asian beauty scene you may find yourself working behind the scenes on photo shoots, production sets or at makeup counters and stores. Spa beauty is also popular in East Asia. If you would like to learn about beauty treatments and applications, this could be the perfect destination for you. Major cities in Eastern Asia are also home to American brands like MAC as well. If you are looking to transition slowly from a North American career, this may be a good option for you!

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South Asia

South Asia is home to many unique and different cultures. One we find particularly exciting is India. India is notorious for its artistic makeup looks. From everyday makeup to Bollywood glam, there is a huge industry to participate in!

If you love sparkle and shine then Bollywood could be your next destination. Just like in America, it can be difficult to infiltrate the celebrity industry. You can’t just be good at what you do. You need to be the best.

Another area of makeup you can practice in India is henna. Henna is a gorgeous full body art technique. If you would like to learn the art you better have an eye for detail. Henna designs are very intricate and require a steady hand. The art is featured during cultural events and celebrations like weddings. The most common jobs for Henna artists are in the wedding industry and cultural sectors. These makeup artists are among the most talented and multi-skilled.

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North America

North American beauty is all about the bold and glamorous. Makeup artists receive requests for contouring, big lashes and colorful lips. American women also love a glowing highlight.

Makeup artists practicing in North America have many career options available to them. A lot of artists choose to freelance as well. This means that they are able to pick their clients, jobs and when and where they work. It’s all about the freedom with freelancing!

Many makeup artists in America dream of working in Hollywood. With all the glitz and glamour can we blame them? Working with celebrities is an honor for makeup artists in America. This is why the industry can be so competitive!

Special effects makeup is also a popular industry in America. More gory than glam – these jobs require creativity and a strong stomach. Artists in this industry often create realistic wounds or mythical looks.

A lot of makeup artists also work in stores. American malls and department stores are lined with hundreds of different beauty brands. For American makeup artists, this means lots of choices when applying for jobs. Working at a cosmetic counter is also a popular career choice in America. This is how many young artists start off their careers.

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The travelling artist

Like we mentioned earlier, if you are willing to adapt you can practice makeup artistry anywhere. But, who says you need to pick a location and stick to it? That’s the best part about knowing a trade!

If you like to travel, or want to experience different parts of the world, your makeup career can help you get there! Lots of makeup artists choose to work on cruise ships for example. You won’t just be working abroad either. Think about all the different types of clients you will be able to practice on! Just like a cruise ship encounters people from all around the world, so will you! If you are up to the challenge, working and travelling may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Another way to travel with your career is to become a celebrity makeup artist. We aren’t saying that this is easy to do – in fact; it’s quite a long road. But, if you are ambitious and want to experience the world, start trying to get noticed by celebrities. They don’t wake up and do their own hair and makeup every day. If they did, they would probably look like the rest of us! You will need to have a top notch makeup kit and plenty of experience to get started. If travelling alongside celebrities sounds like the career path for you, start networking, work hard, and put yourself out there!

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Wherever you are in the world, your makeup style is unique to you. Sometimes you may follow the cultural trends and sometimes you may find your own. Regardless of how you practice makeup artistry, there is a job for you around the world. One thing we all have in common is our appreciation of beauty. No matter how different the ideals may be, makeup artistry has a lot to teach us about one another.

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