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Find out what every pro makeup artist needs in their makeup kit—don't get caught without these essentials products!
If you're a makeup artist on the go, you'll need to know how to pack your mobile makeup kit effectively, making sure you're carrying all the essentials. Find out how in this video by QC Tutor Azzi Williams!
In our latest video from QC tutor and professional makeup artist Azzi Williams, get a lesson on how to get your client camera-ready in ten minutes.
QC tutor and professional makeup artist Azzi Williamswalks us through creating a fun and cheeky vintage pin-up look in our latest video.
Makeup artists have a fundamental, ethical duty to ensure they can provide products to suit the needs of their vegetarian and vegan clients.
As makeup artists working on a television commercial, a fashion show or on a bride, chances are you will be asked some very common questions...
Meet Azzi Williams—QC Makeup Academy's newest tutor and a Sydney-based makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in Australia, UK and Europe.