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Earlier this month, our very own Azzi Williams braved the Australian sun to grace our Facebook page for a live AMA! As a successful model-turned-makeup artist, Azzi knows the ins and outs of the beauty industry. So when she shares her expert tips for making a client look flawless and gorgeous, we listen!

From layering products to concealing blemishes, Azzi shares her top tips and tricks for new makeup artists. And from budget to luxe, she reveals some of the most versatile beauty products in her kit, as well as fresh ways to use them! Another bonus? Azzi is huge on beauty brands that DON’T test on animals (yay!), which means that everything she recommends is cruelty-free. Looking for some products that will give your entire makeup kit a boost? Take a look our AMA recap for your latest beauty product obsession.

How to build a makeup kit on a budget for makeup artists

#1 Primer

2017 is all about layering products to create a flawless finish. And as Azzi points out, the perfect canvas starts with the right primer. Lucky for us, she gave us three different options to consider — depending on skin type and budget!


e.l.f. Cosmetics Mineral Primer
According to Azzi, its lightweight, gel-like formula makes this the ideal primer for oily or combination skin. It works to minimize pores AND creates a flawless base.

High-End Splurge:

Eve Pearl Priming Treatment
Azzi swears by this priming treatment. Azzi raves about its rich, creamy consistency that goes on like a moisturizer and leaves a refreshing, cooling effect. This product pairs well with high-coverage foundations and is perfect for brides looking for an extra luminous finish or for mature skin that needs a little more TLC.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Most of us know Charlotte Tilbury as one of the beauty geniuses behind Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous glow. Great for fine lines and dry skin, Tilbury’s primer is rich, creamy, and a dream to apply. Its delicate fragrance and moisturizing properties make it ideal for high-end editorial looks.

tarte cosmetics Clean Slate Primer
Last but certainly not least, this primer by tarte cosmetics packs the powerhouse benefits of natural ingredients, which work to minimize pores while taking away unsightly shine. It’s great for clients who need some extra mattifying action.

#2 Illuminator

Best illuminator products for makeup artists

A healthy glow is always on-trend. And for makeup artists, creating a sexy shimmer is even easier with products designed to play off the skin’s own natural radiance. Strobe and highlight your way to a gorgeous glow with these production recommendations from Azzi!


Nude by Nature Mineral Makeup Illuminator

This Aussie brand offers a range of mineral products designed to provide a subtle sheen. It can be mixed with foundation or primer to create an illuminating base. You can even pop some on top of cheekbones to give your clients a beautiful highlight effect.

To make highlighting pop under the glare of production lights, intensify it with a more concentrated, pure pigment. Azzi uses Selfieglo in Champagne, a highlighter from her brand Williamspro Makeup, to create additional impact.

Expert tip: Diffuse and wake up tired skin by layering your highlighting products. Focus on the brow area and cupids bows for some strategic glow.

#3 Cream Shadows

Underrated and easy to work with, cream shadows are the perfect option for makeup artists who like a versatile beauty product. According to Azzi, they can be applied over highlighter for an even more luminous glow. But don’t worry—her product recommendations include a cream shadow for every budget!


Makeup Revolution Metallics in Rose Gold
This UK-based brand is a hit! For a glam and glitzy look, apply it to the corner of the eyes or blend it on after applying a smoky eye. Not to mention, this cost-effective brand doesn’t test on animals!

High-End Splurge:

Charlotte Tilbury Cream Shadow in Jean
While providing less of a glittery finish, Tilbury’s luxurious shadows deliver a gorgeous, buildable, creamy sheen that will immediately give your client a fresh look. Another perfect pick for new mums and brides-to-be!

#4 Mineral Makeup

Which mineral makeup should you have in your makeup artistry kit?

Azzi braved the balmy Sydney heat for her AMA, and her makeup was STILL on-point. No small achievement! That’s why she teaches about different makeup looks for all seasons as a tutor for QC Makeup Academy.

For warmer climates, mineral makeup truly is a gift from the makeup gods. The secret? Nourish your client’s skin with mineral makeup.

High-End Splurge:

Jane Iredale Australia Mineral Foundation
One of Azzi’s top picks! Strong enough to withstand warmer conditions, yet buildable enough to photograph beautifully, this mineral makeup product is a must-have in your kit. In Azzi’s words, it blends like a second skin—making it a great option for male clients.

Williamspro Makeup Midas Powder

Say hello to skin that can breathe! This setting powder will leave your skin beautiful, radiant and matte—but never caky! A fabulous choice for aging skin, this mineral makeup product is great for photoshoots on the beach, editorials in the sun, or destination weddings.

Living in a winter climate? Azzi recommends sticking with hydrating primers to create a long-lasting base.

#5 Full-Coverage Foundation

Best foundations for makeup artists

Traditionally, products with a green undertone are used to combat the redness of irritated skin. However, if you like to embrace the less-is-more approach, layering the correct products will allow you to conceal red spots without masking a client’s skin.

Azzi’s product recommendation? Cinema Secrets PRO Cosmetics Foundation will give you a breathable layer that you can follow up with a blemish healing powder. Zero Powder HD Setting Powder (in the original formula!) from Williamspro Makeup contains essential oils that will target blemish-prone skin.

#6 Makeup Artist Discounts

We’d like to point out that Azzi was not paid to endorse any of these beauty brands…which means she does what many other makeup artists do. She buys all of the makeup products for her kit out of pocket!

However, she shares some wisdom that will make every aspiring makeup artist sing: product discounts. As if we needed a reminder! Are you a QC Makeup Student or Graduate? Take a look at our list of preferred partners and make the most out of your makeup artist discounts!

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