Makeup Artists: Be ready to answer these questions!

Whether you are working on a television commercial, a fashion show, or on a bride, chances are you will be asked some very common questions. Being prepared to answer them confidently can make all the difference to your credibility and professionalism as a makeup artist.

1. What products do you use?

This has to be the most frequently asked question. Some clients expect makeup artists to have particular brands in their kit and if you have products they are unfamiliar with, they may even dismiss you. The key is first, not to be offended. My usual response is that I source the finest high definition, premium quality products used in Hollywood, on film sets, on celebrities, and the red carpet. If you happen to like more budget-friendly products and they work for you, then explain you can confidently create flawless, high-definition looks with your products using the latest tricks and techniques. Educate your client that lipstick from Revlon or a foundation from Bourjois can have equally a professional finish as the likes of MAC and Makeup Forever.

Whether you use budget products (left) or luxury products (right), your clients should feel confident in your ability to create a professional finish.

2. How many years of experience do you have?

Be honest, but don’t undervalue your skills or talent. If you have only had one years’ experience, you can enhance your credibility by explaining the breadth and diversity of work you have achieved during that time. For instance, ‘I have been in the industry for 12 months now and have already worked on three fashion shows, four editorial shoots, and four weddings.

3. What are your rates?

If you want to make things easy for yourself, place your base rates on your website such as your bridal and basic media rate. It saves a lot of time. However, for larger projects, start by asking your client what they can budget for and negotiate a rate that will work for both of you. Beware of underselling or undervaluing your talent.

4. Can you show me sample images?

Having a good web presence with strong images can mean you simply send a link to your website or social media page for prospective clients to look at. Having strong images is absolutely essential to be noticed and gain credibility as a professional makeup artist. The quality of your images determines the caliber of photographers, models, and designers that are willing to work with you. Get noticed with a combination of close-up editorial style images in your portfolio.

5. Have you had nightmare clients?

A lot of people can be curious to know if you have had any challenging clients. But don’t fall into the trap of gossiping or bad-mouthing previous clients, however awful they may be. It looks extremely unprofessional and is inappropriate. Shift the focus by saying while you have been lucky not to have too many difficult clients, you have had many interesting requests, and that opens up the conversation to talk about some of the creative looks you have achieved throughout your career.

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