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Tell us a little bit about yourself! Why did you decide to get professional makeup training?

I decided to become a professional makeup artist because I love fantasy and history! I’m always looking for new ways of creating, and bringing the images of my imagination to life.

Since I was little, I taught myself to draw. One of my hobbies it to illustrate fantasy characters and create fashion/beauty-themed artworks. I always wondered how I could bring them to life, and OUT of the flat paper they were on.

I’d considered sculpting, and I also studied fashion design. But I still felt like something was missing! I wasn’t quite satisfied. I then realized that it was a career in makeup that I needed to pursue.

I’ve always had extreme passion for beauty, fashion, and makeup. I find a certain sense of wonder in the fact that they have no limits! The world will never run out of designs that can be created and applied. This is what excites me and entices me to create!

I wanted to be part of this world; to take a life trajectory where I could ensure that my career did not put boundaries on my creativity. Instead, my imagination need be my only limit.

How would you describe your makeup style? Do you have a particular niche?

My makeup style is a bit crazy and varied! It covers the realms of art, history, fantasy, fashion, and beauty.

I love researching facts and creating historically-accurate looks, as well as harnessing anything from my imagination. I love to create looks that defy color theory, as well as looks that adhere to color theory, too.

It’s my goal to tell stories and evoke emotion through my makeup. I want to design looks that bring out all the wonderful features a person didn’t even know they had! If I can help them discover these features, so that they can love themselves a little bit more, then I’m succeeding in my goals.

In my mind, this is especially the case for woman who are oblivious to their beauty, and what makes them truly beautiful.

Your talents expand across a very broad spectrum – from bridal makeup, to character makeup, to editorial, and beyond! Which would you say is your favorite type of makeup to do, and why?

I would say my favorite would be theatrical makeup. This type of makeup can involve character and historical makeup. I can also combine them to result in the manifestation of worlds that don’t always exist anywhere else but in someone’s head.

I love the fact that a makeup artist can completely change the appearance of someone with the use of brushes and paint. I see it as magnificent art!

You’ve started your very own makeup business, Narrate Makeup Artistry. How did the optional Business component of your makeup training help prepare you to be an entrepreneur?

Oh my gosh, it helped me SO much! I’ll refer to my books and the Business Unit for the rest of my makeup career!

It’s taught me how to start AND manage a business properly. Importantly, it taught not to just rush into things, no matter how eager I may be to get started. Rather, you need to take the time to adequately prepare yourself for everything that will be required of you.

The business training also helped me to realize that sometimes, I need to put my imagination on hold. Admittedly, this is not always easy. But it’s a really great thing for practical reasons, and even for the creative process (which I can be quite consumed by).

A creative business owner also needs to periodically come back down to earth and think rationally in order to thrive. I want my business to be a success, and QC’s business training will help me make it so!

As you’ve mentioned, you have quite the passion for history and fantasy! Do you intend to work these interests into your professional makeup career?

Definitely! I plan on building my skills in these areas to become the best I can be!

I want to be partly responsible for that ‘WOW’ feeling an audience can get; that gasp when the curtains open and the actors begin their performance. I want to use what God has blessed me with to make memorable and inspiring moments for other people.

I make sure to read about the history of makeup on a regular basis. Whenever an idea for a fantasy look pops into my head, or I see something I’m inspired by, I’ll also ensure write it down and draw the look on a face chart.

You positively excelled in the Master Makeup Artistry Course. Congrats! Overall, how did you find your makeup training?

I found the Master Makeup Artistry Course to be absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Everyone who works at QC has been so efficient and helpful!

The course material is amazing, and I honestly cannot tell you how much confidence and courage Nathan gave me. It was the type of courage that I’d been looking for and working towards my whole life!

He gave all his thorough feedback to me in his audio notes, and I am more grateful than he’ll ever know. Nathan’s instruction and mentoring provided me with the strength to be myself, and to not be afraid to use my imagination! He helped me to realize that I don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing (such as those I see on Instagram).

He taught me to love my own skills and uniqueness!

What was the most challenging part of your makeup training, and what was the most rewarding?

The most challenging part of my makeup training was finding models for my practical, hands-on assignments. I recently moved to a new country, and don’t know many people here yet.

Even though the assignments encourage us to do makeup on faces other than our own, Nathan was incredibly flexible in light of my circumstances. He allowed me to do my makeup assignments on myself. Originally, I was a bit worried me in the beginning, because I thought it might make me lose marks. But it didn’t. It turned out perfectly alright!

The most rewarding part of my makeup training was comparing the initial photo I’d taken for Unit A (of my everyday makeup) to my later photos. I was gob-smacked at how far I’d come, how much I had learned, and how vastly I’d improved! It’s a wonderful feeling; knowing that I’ve developed a very in-demand skill. I knew that I’d truly learned from the best!

Since then, I’ve absolutely loved putting into practice what I learned thanks to QC Makeup Academy. I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing how amazing makeup is when applied properly!

What made you want to enroll in online school for your makeup training, and why did you choose QC?

I decided I wanted to study makeup and follow it as a career, but I couldn’t afford to go to an expensive school. I also didn’t want to take too long to complete my course.

So, I started researching online schools on Google, and QC Makeup Academy came up as one of the options. The reason I chose QC was because this school promised amazing things (which were completely fulfilled, I might add!). Its business website was extremely attractive and professional. I also found QC to be very reasonably priced!

I was very intrigued by the amazing courses they offered. Actually, I initially wanted to study with their Special FX Makeup Course, but I ultimately decided against it. (Gore isn’t my thing.)

I then did a bit more research, and decided to do a Foundation Course first. This proved to be the best decision! By starting with the Master Makeup Artistry Course first, I was able to discover which types of makeup were best suited to my personality and passions.

Thanks to my makeup training with QC, I know now that my style of makeup includes color, fantasy, beauty, and wonder!

Is there any particular makeup technique you’re currently working on perfecting?

It may sound cliché… But I think that many aspiring MUAs would agree with me that applying eyeliner is a technique that’s both VERY important and VERY stressful to perfect.

So, I’m trying all the different ways I can to master this. I know it’ll all boil down to practice, persistence and patience.

What’s in store for Narrate Makeup Artistry in the next year?

I want Narrate Makeup Artistry to gain a name for itself as a professional and creative business that delivers what they promise. I also want to get into all types of makeup, such as bridal, editorial, and theatrical.

I plan to create a strong online presence in order to advertise my services, and I’d like to find creative ways to stand out from other makeup artists in my area. Lastly, I’m going to try to get as many jobs as I can so I can build my portfolio and experience!

Imagine: you’re stuck on a deserted island and only have ONE holy grail makeup product with you. Which product is it, and why?

MASCARA! Mascara makes your eyes pop. Even if you’re having a bad skin day, putting mascara on gives your face character. When someone looks at you and talks to you, they naturally look into your eyes.

Eyes are the window to the soul. Your soul defines your personality, and I believe this is the source of true beauty. As such, the eyes need to be framed. Foundation might make a woman look put together, but nothing can beat mascara!

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