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We are in the midst of a pandemic – the likes of which, we’ve never experienced before in our lifetime. With so many people quarantined, most of the world is now locked down and/or practicing social distancing.

While it feels like everyone is terrified of the slightest cough or sniffle, it could seem like the worst time to make progress with your education and makeup artist certification.

But this could not be farther from the truth! With a positive attitude and a few helpful suggestions, you’ll be ready to continue practicing your makeup artistry immediately. In fact, when all of this is said and done, you could realistically come out way AHEAD of where you presently are!

4 Ways to Keep Up Makeup Practice At Home Blog - Makeup Palette and Brushes on Table

The first thing I cannot stress enough is: do not look for models! Yes, working on different skin types, tones, etc. can have a profound impact on your growth and knowledge as a makeup artist. But right now, it’s simply not safe to do that.

The time will come when we can practice on others again. When it does, I’ll push you to do so. For now, though, it’s important keep yourself and others safe. So here are a few things you can do instead…

1. Take advantage of your circumstances

If you live with others, you have models you can practice on right there! (So long as they’re already in your immediate living environment, of course.) In some cases, it may be unconventional, but you can practice your makeup skills on your spouses, partners, roommates, parents, and children.

Remember: A face is a face! So even if the person you are confined with is a man, you still have a great palette to work on. Yes, you may have to do some bartering to convince them to be your model. But with a little determination, you can pull it off!

2. Work on yourself

Working on yourself can be beneficial, if you do it correctly. Don’t just sit down and do your makeup. Instead, choose which techniques you want to master, and then put dedicated effort into doing it. Repetition is key, so practice again and again!

Take photos, with your eyes open and closed. Study the photos with the eye of an art critic. Do your best to look at your work objectively, so you can see where improvements can be made.

4 Ways to Keep Up Makeup Practice At Home Blog - Woman Applying Makeup in Mirror

3. Work on face charts

At first suggestion, this may seem absurd, but hear me out! If you can master perfect eyeliners, brows, drop shadows, lip liners, and shadow placement on a piece of paper, it will translate to the face. Training both the hand and the mind will translate to every medium you work in. If you have a makeup dummy head, you can practice your techniques on that as well.

Now, let me clarify: mastering makeup artistry means that every aspect is crisp, clean, symmetrical, and precise. If you hold yourself to an incredibly high standard, you’ll see it transform your skill-set.

4. Follow your makeup artistry checklist

When working on a face chart or a makeup dummy head, mastering each element of the checklist below will help ensure that your time spent actually advances your craft…

Eyeliner Checklist

  • Does the eyeliner on both eyes have exactly the same thickness on each side, every step of the way?
  • Do any wings or cats go at exactly the same angle?
  • Are any wings or cats exactly the same length?
  • Are any wings or cats smooth and crisp?

Make sure to practice ALL of the different eyeliner variations taught in Unit B of your Master Makeup Artistry Course. These different eyeliner styles are:

  1. Natural liner
  2. Wedge liner
  3. Drop shadow
  4. Wraparound liner
  5. Tightlining
  6. Cat-eye liner and winged liner
  7. Lining the lower waterline, and
  8. Lower liner
Makeup artist applying eyeliner to model - makeup artist practice article

Brow Checklist

  • Are both eyebrows symmetrical?
  • Were they done with perfect, hair-like strokes?
  • Do the strokes follow the direction of natural hair growth?
  • Do the brows follow the classic shape?

Make sure to practice all 3 types of brows (classic, thin, and natural), also taught to you within Unit B of the MMA Course!

Lip Liner Checklist

  • Are both sides perfectly symmetrical on the upper and lower lip?
  • Are the upper and lower lip balanced?
  • Is the liner smooth and crisp? 
  • Is the liner exactly the same thickness all the way around?

Eyeshadow Checklist

  • Is the eyeshadow exactly the same on both eyes, every step of the way? (This includes placement, thickness, etc.)
  • Does the shadow go up at a flattering angle at the outer corner of each eye?
  • Is the angle symmetrical on each side?

Make sure to practice each step of applying eyeshadow individually, then practice combining them in different variations!

Blue eye makeup with flowers - makeup artist practice article

What makes us grow the most as artists is practice. So make the most of this time, and all the ways in which you can improve your art!

When working on yourself, a housemate, or a makeup dummy, you’ll use real make up. If you’re practicing on a face chart, you may instead choose to use other (but similar) products. A fine sharpie, an art pen’s with various brush tips, chalk, charcoals, and colored pencils all work well.

Remember: No matter which form(s) of practice you choose, always make sure that you practice meticulous hygiene. It’s more important now than ever.

Covid-19 is here, whether we like it or not. Why not make the most of the time you have, and work towards changing your life for the better? That way, you can be best prepared once this passes – and rest assured, it WILL pass.

These are hard times. People will want to feel their best when things get better and life returns to normal. With the proper training and practice, you’ll be there to make that happen!

On March 26th, we will be doing a very special webinar that will focus on maximizing home learning. We’ll cover all these topics, as well as answer all of your questions. Stay tuned for the announcement and be sure to tune in!

It’ll be fun! We can share a bit of love and connect withing our amazing community. There will even be some very special downloads available for you!

I’m sending you love from the entire QC family. It’s time that we really come together as one race – the human race – and remember that we’re all in this together.

You matter. You are loved. And we are here for you, now and always.

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