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What Are The BEST Online Makeup Courses?

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Wondering what the BEST online makeup courses out there are? Join QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, Luisa De Pietra, as she reveals 4 critical criteria that all makeup courses NEED to have in order to be worth your money!

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Pursuing a career in makeup artistry is currently in high demand. Over the years, more and more people have become drawn to this career path. As a result, more promotions of supposed “makeup courses” have started emerging from the depths of the online world.

It’s of utmost importance that you’re fully aware of the shifty tricks and crafty techniques these sites will pull, in order to try and obtain your money.

My name is Luisa de Pietra and I’m an Ambassador of QC Makeup Academy. I am a graduate of both the Master Makeup Artistry Course and Pro Makeup Workshop. Moreover, I’m currently working my way through the Portfolio Development Workshop.

If you are an aspiring makeup artist, perhaps you dream of kick-starting your makeup career – but you’re not quite sure where to start. If so, this article is exactly what you’re looking for! My goal today is to help you in your pursuit of becoming a professional makeup artist. And, of course, that all starts by better understanding what you should be looking for in proper online makeup courses.

So, let’s jump right into it!

First Thing’s First: How to Avoid Shady Online “Makeup Courses”

In an online world that’s increasingly rife with fraudulent schemes and shady dealings, one must have their wits about them when conducting research on the best online makeup course. Vague information, dubious customer reviews, and an overall lack of professionalism should all raise red flags when doing your research.

In many cases, these “makeup courses” will lack the quality of content, research, and development normally invested in a high-quality program. The best makeup courses are not cheap (even though they can can absolutely be affordable). Thus, being thorough and meticulous in your research is essential!

Scamming websites will not hesitate in taking advantage of you. The excitement and eagerness to embark on your makeup course, only to later discover that you’ve been cheated, would frankly be awful. So, in order to avoid such a circumstance, I’d highly recommend forgoing reviews from the company’s own website.

Why? Because scammer companies will more often than not present “customer reviews” written under fake profiles names.

Personally, I did a considerable amount of research before I chose to sign up with QC Makeup Academy. I researched their tutors and made sure that their staff (particularly their Student Support Team) were actual, real people. In fact, I even made contact with a few QC students, so I could ask them about their own experiences learning with QC Makeup Academy.

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4 Criteria Your Online Makeup Course Should Meet

Now that we know what to avoid, it’s time to better understand what you should be gravitating towards. These are the top 4 criteria that, in my opinion, all online makeup courses need to meet in order to be worth your time, effort, and money…

1. The tutors/instructors are all legitimate beauty experts who work in the makeup industry.

One of the biggest advantages of becoming an accredited makeup artist with QC Makeup Academy is that you get to be taught by real industry professionals. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of ensuring that the people who are training and guiding you are legitimate beauty experts!

Otherwise, you won’t be learning from the best. It’s that simple.

At QC Makeup Academy, students are under the careful tutelage of reputable names in the beauty world. These tutors are highly experienced. Furthermore, they all have expansive, rich knowledge of the makeup industry.

Whether you’re interested in SFX makeup, editorial, or perfecting your bridal looks – QC Makeup Academy caters to ALL student needs!

Want to learn more about the wide variety of professional beauty and makeup courses offered by QC? Check out our full course breakdowns here!

2. You’re provided with thorough, constructive feedback throughout the entire makeup course.

As a student of QC Makeup Academy, your tutor will give you personalized audio feedback on all of your assignments. I would wager that this form of online learning is even better than the conventional means of teaching, typically found in a group classroom setting.

Why? Because you’re able to receive the personalized attention that can only be provided through one-on-one training! The critiques you receive will be coming from a highly reputable makeup artist. More importantly, all critiques will be tailored to your work, and your work alone.

In my own experience with QC, my tutor was industry veteran and celebrity MUA, Nathan Johnson. Nathan is deeply involved in the beauty industry and has worked diligently to make an unforgettable name for himself. Through his expansive knowledge and experience of the beauty world, I was able to receive comprehensive, invaluable feedback after each and every unit I submitted!

Quite simply: being associated with a makeup school that teaches the core, timeless, and fundamental techniques – rather than “trends” or “hacks” found solely on social media – is what ultimately gives an accredited school like QC Makeup Academy the educational prestige over other online makeup courses.

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3. There’s some level of business training included in the makeup courses, as well as real-world, hands-on training.

Business Training

As a makeup student, you’re going to be immersed in a creative sphere – full of core techniques, color wheels, brush sizes, complementary lip shades, glitters, and bases. But at QC Makeup Academy, they go to even greater lengths than other institutions to enhance the quality of your learning experience.

You’ll also receive business training, brand-building knowledge, and marketing skills, too!

Lesser-quality makeup courses are unlikely to include this broader education. Instead, they’ll tend to focus only on the creative side of makeup artistry. QC Makeup Academy, on the other hand, recognizes the need to turn out students who are business-savvy professionals.

After all, only with proper business training can you truly succeed in a such highly competitive industry!

Once you earn your internationally-recognized QC certification, you’ll be thrown into a labor market that can be rather tricky to navigate. This is particularly the case if you have no prior experience as a professional MUA. Demand and earnings vary widely. As such, you’ll need basic business skills if you want to be well-established.

QC Makeup Academy equips their students with all the business and marketing skills that are key to success in any field – including the beauty and makeup industry!

Hands-On Experience

You won’t be getting your money’s worth if you enroll in a makeup course that provides no hands-on training. Moreover, you definitely won’t be doing your skill-set any favors either. After all, being a makeup artist is all about actually knowing how to do proper makeup.

Do you see a makeup course where the “training” is limited to nothing but written assignments and/or multiple choice quizzes? If so, then taking this kind of course is a huge mistake. In doing so, you’d be starting your career at a DRASTIC disadvantage.

All of QC’s online makeup courses provide ample real-world practice. You’ll be tasked with completing a wide variety of looks on models with different skin tones and types. Furthermore, you’ll be challenged to do applications on models of different ages and genders as well.

Firstly, these practical assignments will teach you how to correctly apply core makeup techniques. Secondly, they’ll also make you a master of countless makeup styles. As a result, by the time you graduate, you’ll know how to create any look for any type of client!

4. The makeup course provides a variety of learning methods – such as textbook readings, instructional videos, quizzes, and practical assignments.

Top-rated makeup courses will almost ALWAYS include a variety of learning materials. This often includes course textbooks, instructional videos, quizzes, and practical assignments. Luckily, QC Makeup Academy makes all of this accessible to you directly through their Online Student Center!

Trust me: you will derive very little value from a low-quality makeup course that relies solely on passive learning. You may as well be watching tutorials on YouTube.

QC, however, provides an enriched learning experience that relies on tangible, high-quality learning materials. They do this because building a foundation to grow your knowledge and wisdom in the makeup world requires theoretical learning. This is just as important as the practical knowledge you’ll receive, and this institution recognizes that.

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How QC Makeup Academy’s Online Makeup Courses Have Met MY Criteria

I strongly believe that the value of an educational institution is reflected in the quality of their students’ work. Before I made the decision to enroll in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course, I did thorough research.

Student Testimonials

As part of this research, I appraised the work of past and current QC students work. Additionally, I made direct contact with a handful them and asked them to shed some light on their learning experience with QC Makeup Academy. The responses I received were all overwhelmingly positive.

Brand Parternships

I was also extremely impressed with QC’s strong network and social media presence. As well, I was amazed by the partnerships they have with countless big-name brands in the beauty industry. For instance, they’re a MAC Pro eligible school!

On top of this, they also have 21 other esteemed brand partners across North America, the UK, and Australia. The best part of this? Once you become a QC student, you’re automatically eligible for major discounts with all of these companies!

Community Culture

Everything I saw while conducting my research assured me that QC’s makeup courses are truly the best of the best. Ultimately, this was why I decided to pursue my certification training with them. No other beauty school (at least, that I could find) provides such an all-inclusive, tangible approach to quality learning.

They’ve also cultivated a tight-knit student community, which is a major bonus. For example, they run an active Virtual Classroom on Facebook that currently has 2,000 members. This group encouraging you to build your professional relationships and connect with other QC students/grads.

Moreover, their social media pages, Beauty Buzz blog, and exclusive webinars placed them far above any other makeup schools I looked into. To put it simply: QC Makeup Academy provides a legitimate, quality learning experience.

If you’re looking for a school that truly prioritizes their students’ needs and puts YOUR interests first, you need look no further!

Want to see what others have been saying about their experience with QC Makeup Academy? Here are 200+ raving reviews on our Facebook page!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing an online makeup course can be tricky. The internet can be a difficult place to navigate when you’re frequently exposed to fraudulent schemes and dodgy companies.

Here’s the point: you MUST do your due diligence by conducting thorough research!

Find a makeup school that provides their students with quality learning and feedback from legitimate professionals. This school must offer a range of learning methods, as well as provides students with professional business and networking tools.

With this, my fellow artists, you’ll be well on your way to success in conquering the professional makeup industry!

Enroll in QC Makeup Academy’s online makeup courses today and start your dream career in as little as 2-6 months!

Makeup artist training article, June 23 2021, Feature Image

How I’m Turning My Makeup Artist Training into a Professional Career!

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Currently completing your makeup artist training? Not sure how to take your education and turn it into a professional career?

QC Makeup Academy‘s Student Ambassador, Luisa De Pietra, is here to share her story. Read along, see how Luisa’s been creating a name for herself in the makeup industry, and discover how YOU can do the same!

Makeup artist training article, June 23 2021, Luisa De Pietra Headshot

Becoming a Makeup Artist: Is Being Self-Taught Enough?

The world of self-learning can be a little tricky – especially when it comes to makeup. I’m sure you’ve seen the term “self-taught” circulating everywhere these days. Indeed, teaching yourself a skill with no prior knowledge is a great achievement. This is especially the case if you become successful as a result of your own teaching.

However, if you wish to work as a professional makeup artist, you must ask yourself: is being a “self-taught” MUA enough to maintain a long-standing, successful career? Furthermore, is it enough to become a truly creative force in such a competitive industry?

My name is Luisa de Pietra, and I’m a Student Ambassador of QC Makeup Academy. I’ve graduated from the Master Makeup Artistry Course and Pro Makeup Workshop. Currently, I’m also completing the Portfolio Development Workshop. The following article is for those of you at the initial stage of your makeup training journey. If you’re interested in a full-time career as a successful, professional beauty expert, but are a little apprehensive as to where to start, I invite you to read on…

Do You Need Makeup Artist Training?

We live in an online world that’s becoming increasingly dominated by social media influencers (paid or otherwise). As a result, the landscape of makeup artistry has shifted beyond recognition. The path into the makeup industry has never been more easily accessible!

Now, I’m all for the idea of makeup artistry being a medium that’s equally accessible to everyone. But to claim that anyone can be a makeup artist – with no regard to skill, expertise, practice, or study – devalues the time, effort, and costs put in by professionals. Moreover, this notion lowers the professional standard and creates a kind of “copy-cat” culture.

As part of this culture, aspiring artists are inundated with different versions of whichever popular trend is currently circulating the internet. What does this mean? In short, you’re recreating popular looks without any critical analysis and feedback. But you’re not truly learning what you need to know in order to make a real career out of it.

After all, beauty trends ebb and flow. But core principles and classic techniques do not! As someone who grew up watching makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, I can tell you from experience: it was a really steep learning curve to reach professional standards, once I began my formal makeup artist training with QC Makeup Academy!

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Social Media vs. Proper Makeup Artist Training

When attempting to learn the art of makeup through social media, there’s a significant lack of knowledge and expertise. You won’t be learning the fundamental principles as building blocks of your craft.

In this era of social media, formal guides, education, and training by industry professionals are paramount! After all, it’s only through a reputable education that you can establish basic foundations. Moreover, proper makeup training will pair you with a professional mentor who can guide you in the right direction.

Together, you’ll discover how to build your strengths and correct your weaknesses. THIS is a key difference between “self-taught” and formally educated makeup artists. Professional MUAs know the beauty industry and have experience across the board. They know which mistakes to avoid. And importantly, they know what will help them pave the way for a successful, long-term career.

QC Makeup Academy offer self-paced, online certification courses designed to help you kick-start (and run) your own makeup business. Investing in a formal education not only helps you stand out from the competition; it’ll also help shape you into a knowledgeable, practical, professional, and well-prepared artist. With a high-quality education under your belt, you’ll be able to excel in whichever niche of the makeup world you choose to pursue!

Why I Chose to Get Makeup Training

For me, makeup is more than just glittering finishes, or creamy, rich rouges. Rather, it’s an important indicator of both imagination and art. From creating fresh, dewy, and delicate looks, to imagining avant-garde visions for editorial or catwalk – I love it all!

Now, I initially chose to enroll in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course as something fun and creative to do alongside my university studies. Prior to starting my training, I’ll be totally honest: I hadn’t realized just how important a formal education in makeup was.

It wasn’t until I dove into it that I discovered the ways in which proper training helps in creating a foundational basis for my creativity, imagination, and passion!

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Seeing Makeup Artistry Through a New Lens

As the program evolved, and I delved deeper into the content and course materials, I began to gain an appreciation of just how important credentials and education are in the makeup industry. In a world where many aspiring artists are self-taught, completing a highly-regarded course is what will ultimately set you apart from the rest!

After all, the competition is fierce in this industry. Thus, having formal training is definitely an advantage. Under the tutelage of celebrity MUA, Nathan Johnson, my makeup artist training has not only helped me build on my foundations – I’ve also been able to polish my skills and sharpen my eye for detail.

In particular, QC’s Portfolio Development Workshop has helped me showcase my makeup skills and build my social media presence. The most important lessons I’ve taken from my education with QC’s makeup artist training is to develop the habits of consistency, practice, hard work, professionalism, and earning your place. All of these are needed in order to succeed in the beauty world!

Turning My Makeup Artist Training Into a Professional Career

When you work in the beauty industry, imagination is your most precious friend. It’s what inspires, guides, and motivates you. For myself, I plan on pursuing my passion of creating looks and content for my Instagram account that are timeless, inspirational, and enduring.

I strongly believe in scheduling time for practice. Not only does this help to further sharpen my skills, but it also ensures that I’m meeting my personal deadlines. So, my top 3 tips to help other aspiring makeup artists to get their careers off to a flying start are:

1. Practice, practice, practice!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert or master of a given skill. This alone should tell you just how important practice is in our field! So, play with colors, try new looks, and learn the basic principles. Get hands-on training wherever you can, whether it’s on your own face or the faces of others. Believe me when I tell you that you will NEVER be able to practice too much!

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2. Invest in formal makeup artist training.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a formal education! It provides a greater rigor and depth of knowledge of all aspects makeup industry. Plus, it’ll prepare you for when you’re faced with real-life challenges in the field.

3. Be unique.

The most iconic beauty visionaries of our time have been leaders, not followers. Shaping your own personal and provocative style will not only ensure your longevity in the industry – it’ll set your apart from the competition.

Food for Thought

All in all, the beauty industry is not always an easy one to get into. Seeking formal education in an increasingly competitive industry will give you an edge to build your own style, versatility, and creative visions. A truly passionate makeup artist puts the time and effort into studying and practicing core techniques from the start.

Once you’ve learned and mastered the basic building blocks and classic techniques, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your skill-set with more complex and intricate looks! Overall, makeup artist training is an invaluable asset that will push you to excel and become the best version of your creative self!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. You can also contact QC Makeup Academy’s Student Support Team 7 days a week. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to join QC’s free Virtual Classroom on Facebook and connect with me directly. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for reading!

So, what are you waiting for? 😉 Complete your makeup artist training in as little as 2-6 months by enrolling with QC Makeup Academy today!