YouTube Tutorials VS Online Makeup Courses

How is learning makeup from professional makeup training courses different than watching YouTube videos?

YouTube’s beauty community is a huge creative hub for makeup lovers. It’s a great place to dip your toes into the world of makeup and chat about your passions. But it’s not the best place to learn makeup professionally.

Let’s explore the key differences!

YouTube Tutorials

With thousands of makeup tutorials on YouTube, there’s no doubt that you can learn a few useful makeup tips and tricks. But you won’t receive a comprehensive education necessary to call yourself a professionally trained makeup artist. That’s because YouTube beauty gurus aren’t on the platform to be educators!

For many popular makeup gurus, creating videos is their full-time job! As such, they aim to create eye-catching videos featuring many of these elements:

  • Step-by-step recreations of heavy, glamour makeup looks where every feature is highlighted and emphasized.
  • Products from their sponsors
  • Professional filming, editing, and filtering techniques to enhance the visual experience

These looks translate well on camera but don’t hold up in real life. You’ll almost never encounter professional clients who will request these looks. Additionally, they offer little substance when it comes to actually teaching professional techniques.

Professional Training:

YouTube vs. Online Makeup School

Watch as QC Makeup Academy’s executive instructor, Nathan Johnson, explains why YouTube videos won’t provide you with a professional makeup education:

Here’s what else YouTube won’t teach you:

  • Makeup theory
  • Basic application techniques
  • How to use your own creativity
  • How to dissect and recreate a look just by examining it
  • How to adapt a look for a diverse clientele
  • Safety and sanitary practices

What YouTube will do is help you develop bad habits

You may have seen some tutorials where the YouTuber uses her mouth to blow excess product off her brush. This is a terrible habit! Bacteria from the mouth will land on the brush and is then applied to the skin, leading to acne or even an eye infection if it’s eyeshadow! YouTubers often gloss over makeup sanitation. It’s an essential part of being a professional makeup artist. But when their goal is to make money off their videos, covering this topic isn’t a priority.

Formal education is your best option
if you’re looking to launch a successful
career in makeup.

Whereas YouTube makeup artists will teach you how to recreate full-faced looks, a makeup school will teach you classic techniques. After perfecting the individual techniques, you can then start infusing your own creativity, putting the “art” in “artistry”!

Request Nathan as your tutor! Read more about him here.

Receive feedback
on your skills

When you’re following YouTube makeup tutorials, you won’t receive expert feedback from an experienced professional working in the industry. Without any personal guidance, it’s difficult to tell if you’re on the right track.

Besides providing you with helpful critiques, there’s one other thing you need to succeed: encouragement! Developing a personal connection with a tutor who supports and nurtures your growing talent is essential. Think about it: When someone tells you how well you did, aren’t you motivated to keep moving forward? You feel pride in your work. Best of all, you know that someone who knows a thing-or-two about the trade believes in you.

Find out what else you need to launch a successful career in makeup!

Find out what else you need to launch a successful career in makeup!

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Nikki SadlerQC Makeup Academy Student

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