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Charlotte is the proud owner of her very own hair and makeup business, A Date With Charlotte. From bridal to editorial, to film and television, and everything in-between – Charlotte’s extensive makeup training allows her to provide a wide variety of services that cater to ALL types of clientele!

Her extensive resume includes working for Prada, L’Oreal, and even the cast of the hit show, Glee! A developer of educational programs, Charlotte has even been awarded Best Makeup Educator of the Year by the Australian Industry Makeup Awards.

Trying to find alternate ways to books makeup jobs during COVID-19? Professional MUA, Charlotte Ravet, is here to tell you how she’s been finding clients during the pandemic!

Before COVID-19, I could not have imagined a day where I wouldn’t be able to do my actual job. I think we can all agree that the beauty and makeup industry have definitely been impacted. From here on out, whenever we think about the way the beauty industry exists, there will be a “before” and “after” COVID.

I have personally lived this pandemic in two different countries: France and Australia. Both have been impacted at different levels. But all over the world, beauty professionals have all been in the same boat about one very important thing: once we understood the true extent of the pandemic, we very quickly realized that working as a makeup artist would have to be done differently.

Maximizing Social Media to Find Makeup Jobs

For the first time, even I have created makeup on myself and posted images on my social media. You see, I love doing makeup on models, but I always get a bit annoyed doing my own makeup! So, it was a new move for me. But during the lockdown, it was the only way to keep up with my creativity. I’ve also used this time to create a new website and think about my next projects.

Many makeup artists have created a strong online presence. It’s true that nowadays, it’s considered harder to get noticed as a beginner. Still, many artists have seen their followers increasing during the pandemic, due to an increase in traffic across most online platforms. For some, this has led to an opportunity to collaborate with brands.

Additionally, I’ve also participated in doing live streaming and makeup tutorials for the brand’s social media. We have quickly realized that social media was the most effective way to continue being active and expressing ourselves.

I was working as an international trainer before I quit my job to return to Australia. When the pandemic hit, I continued my services by offering my training online, rather than doing it physically. This adjustment allowed me to work from home and continue earning an income during an uncertain time.

One perk about having so much free time these days is that there are ample ways to use it productively!

The New Normal for Makeup Jobs: Virtual Services

A new service I’m also now offering for my clients is online consultations. Despite not being able to leave the house, many women are still interested in learning how to do their own makeup. A lot of people are using platforms like Zoom or Google Meet for business and personal video calls. When everyone has to be face-to-face with their own reflection so many times in a day, it’s only natural that they might want to look their best – even if they’re not actually leaving the house.

The amazing thing about online consultations is the fact that I can help clients from literally anywhere. Without any physical limitations, the doors automatically open to a LOT more potential makeup jobs. Throughout 2020, for example, I’ve worked with clients from Europe, the United States, and Australia. I have helped women learn how to create their own makeup.

As part of this virtual service, I simply offer them a way to connect with me for a special hour, using a digital platform. Together, we go through all of the steps involved in creating a day and/or evening makeup look. They follow my guidance, using their own makeup products. On my end, I have my own makeup kit ready, too. This way, I can demonstrate some of the application tips on myself, if needed.

Assisting the Stars

A friend of mine also taught TV presenters how to create their own makeup through online consultations. Most TV channels still have presenters – the only difference is that now these people are recording the news from home or in the studio, as opposed to together on set.

As a result of the lockdown, television hosts, journalists, and celebrities everywhere have had to create their own makeup… and quickly realized that TV makeup is not the same as an everyday makeup look. It actually requires a lot of professional training, techniques, and skill!

(Can we all take a moment to bask in this a little? While there’s nothing positive about COVID-19, it is kind of nice that more and more people are understanding just how much hard work and effort goes into what we do for a living!)

Becoming a Beauty Writer

Another option for possible makeup jobs is to start your own blog, or even write beauty content for other businesses. This year, I’ve started write training programs for brands and academies, and I have decided to look into writing for magazines as well.

I first create illustrations (another passion of mine). Then I write step-by-step guidelines on how to use and apply the products being discussed. I have created face charts and illustrated makeup looks. I’ve even designed new and upcoming collections for different brands. Turns out, I actually really enjoy this new way of working. It’s a cool way to be able to express myself in the makeup industry!

Another way I’m able to get writing jobs is to do translation for beauty brands, from French to English. When it comes to translating beauty tips, knowing the language is one thing. But it is also important to truly understand the subject. A translation is never literal. Sometimes, words need to be changed or put in a different way in order to have the right meaning.

I can definitely say that, for me, the biggest lesson of 2020 is this: as makeup artists, we can always diversify ourselves to be able to work in the industry – regardless of the circumstances!

Reshaping the Way We Find Makeup Jobs

Over the years, I have worked in many different industries: bridal, TV, fashion, education, etc. However, this pandemic has given me the opportunity to consider my work from a different angle.

How can we work as makeup artists if we cannot work directly with people? The answer is simple: if everyone goes online, we can go online, too!

I’ll admit, finding work as a makeup artist has never been an issue for me, even during the pandemic. It has been stressful, for sure. But once I thought about ALL of the skills I have, other types of makeup jobs and work opportunities became clearer to me.

For areas where I struggled a bit, I also used my newfound time in order to get better. For example, marketing my services is often the part where I run into difficulties. So, I have devoted the time to better understanding marketing. This has allowed me to take a step back and formulate different, potentially stronger marketing strategies for my career.

I have also enjoyed this time to watch makeup artist masterclasses and learn new tips and tricks. Building on your skills is always a smart idea. To build off of that, my next project is now to learn photography, too. This way, I can build my online presence more and take my own images of my work.

Final Thoughts

Where I’m based, cases of COVID-19 have decreased dramatically, so work is pretty much going back to normal. We can provide makeup services with high standards of hygiene. All of the weddings and private events that were postponed to 2021 are now being booked, and production work is starting to pick back up again.

2020 has been a year to learn and grow – not just personally, but professionally as well. I have learned that there are many ways to work as a makeup artist, even during a global pandemic. As artists, creativity is second nature to us. So, creating new opportunities for makeup jobs is also a part of what we do.

Personally, I reflect upon this past year and see it as an evolution of my work. Going forward, I think I’ll be able to provide even better services to my clients, thanks to all of the skills I acquired and discovered during the pandemic.

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