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There’s no denying that being a makeup artist has its ups and downs. But we like to focus on the major benefits of having a career in makeup since it’s such a rewarding job! We’re following up our last post on the perks of being a makeup artist and updating it with the latest and greatest—after all, the industry is constantly changing!

1. Discounts

We’ll start with the discounts you receive as a makeup artist, because (let’s face it) this is a MAJOR perk. And not just any makeup, but good makeup. Online makeup community Beautylish has a list of the many stores and brands that offer makeup discounts for artists. Although it’s meant to be for your business, you’ll still feel amazing saving all that money on great products AND being able to use them (on clients) every day! It’s a great advantage to getting into the makeup industry—you’ll create the makeup kit you’ve always dreamed of having!

Makeup discounts for professional makeup artists

2. Flawless face

As a makeup artist, you know that skincare is essential for a good makeup base. Properly cleansing, toning, and keeping skin well-moisturized is your mantra. Your fantastic skincare routine paired with your brush techniques and application skills means your face always looks flawless. Even if you have the odd breakout, you can cover that up no problem. You need to show clients that you’re a pro, and what better way is there than making yourself look incredible?

3. Creating new looks

Makeup looks can be trendy or original, and you can always play around with colors and textures depending on what you and your clients prefer. If you have a daring client, it’s fun to get creative! Find inspiration in editorial spreads and film makeup. Adding a pop of color or a unique eyeliner look can make your clients look fierce! Plus, you’ll be able to add these looks to your portfolio and show people your skills.

Creative makeup looks for makeup artists

4. Giving clients confidence

A huge advantage of being a makeup artist, without doubt, is giving your clients confidence. Your work always has the “look good, feel good” effect and it’s extremely rewarding to know you’re making people happy. Confidence goes a long way, so never doubt that you’re inspiring people!

5. Having spending money

That’s right, the extra cash is a nice added bonus to your career as a makeup artist. This perk isn’t the main reason you became a makeup artist, but you definitely appreciate the disposable income. It’s a great feeling when your work is appreciated, period. And if that appreciation happens to come in as a tip for a job well done, you’ll take it! Clients that are happy with your services like to give you a little something extra for all of your hard work and prep. It’s nice to have a few well-earned dollars in your wallet after an appointment.

6. Working in a cool industry

Makeup artistry is such an interesting career, and there’s so many different things going on in the industry. From SFX to bridal, to film and TV, the makeup industry is a fun work environment.

Even working as a freelancing makeup artist is great—you get flexibility and can meet new clients as well as other artists. Getting inspired from other people’s work can help you in your own career. I mean, makeup is everywhere so it’s impossible to ignore all of the creative trends happening!

7. Looking great on Friday night

Last but definitely not least, having a job as a makeup artist means that you look great when you meet up with friends on the weekends.

Perks of being a certified makeup artist

There’s no rush to get home from work to fix your makeup and do your hair—your job demands that you have it done! You need to dress like a pro makeup artist as well, so you’re always prepared for a night out with the girls! Also, you never have to worry about looking bad in photos. Your makeup is always on point!

There’s no better job than being a makeup artist. These are only a few of the things we can pinpoint that makes your career in makeup fulfilling. Focus on these perks if you ever need a pick-me-up. And just know this: your job is awesome!

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