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Fancy turning your passion for makeup into a full-fledged career? There’s no better way to start than by taking a course! These days, you don’t have to enroll in a college or move to a big city to attend a specialty makeup school. Many brick-and-mortar makeup schools are moving online!

But why online? Besides having an extra revenue stream, distance education allows schools to spread the joy of makeup! The barrier for those who want to pursue their passion is disappearing. We’ve already discussed the perks of being a makeup artist, but are there perks to becoming an online MUA? Just what benefits can online makeup artist schools offer the aspiring artist? Read on to find out!

1.      Extra Convenience

No more waking up 2 hours early to get ready and rush to class. Just wake up, prop open your laptop, and get cracking! One of the biggest perks of learning makeup artistry online is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. You don’t’ have to move  to New York City or London in order to attend the best schools. And you don’t have to uproot your life in the process. Not only will you save money on rent and tuition, but you’ll also save time. You won’t have to commute back and forth from campus to home and work.

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Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your income while you study. You can keep your full-time job, take care of your family, and have a social life! Your course will work around your long-term commitments—not the other way around.

2.      Current Course Materials

Traditional schools make you purchase physical textbooks and teach you with examples that are current to their publishing dates. Five years on, they may feel painfully outdated. Worse yet, maybe your books disappear right from under your nose!

Online schools are a bit different. They are tech savvy and create their materials specifically for digital use. If you choose a school who believes in quality, then you’re in luck! Some offer lifetime access to resources! You’ll be able to access the more current information given to newer students who enroll after you. Industry trends and superior techniques will be at your fingertips. Even 10 years after achieving your certification, you’ll receive continual resource updates on your student account. You’ll have the most up-to-date information so long as you have internet!

3.      Unlimited Practice Time

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy mom or a traveling nomad—online courses suit every lifestyle. The self-paced nature of studying makeup online means you don’t have deadlines to worry about. This goes beyond picking up and putting down your course whenever you want. You’ll also gain the convenience of unlimited practice time!

No more stressing out about nailing a difficult technique in 2 weeks or less. Self-paced makeup courses mean you can practice as many times as you’d like before submitting your assignment for review. Not only will you achieve better marks. You’ll also know that you’re receiving the most relevant feedback from your tutor about your best work!

4.      Close-up on techniques

If you’ve ever done a makeup seminar in real life, you’ll know exactly what I mean. You’re sitting in a room with 30 other people with the instructor and the model at the front of the class. Depending on where you’re sitting, there’s a 5% chance that you have the best spot to view everything the instructor is doing! Otherwise the instructor may be facing away from you, their hand is block your sight line, or you’re sitting too far!

makeup discounts are a great perk to becoming a certified MUA

With online makeup artistry schools, you’ll be able to see every technique up-close and personal! You won’t have to crane your neck to see between heads in front of you. The camera operator can get super close to the action and film every stroke that goes into the perfect cat-eye! And the cherry on top? You can re-watch the technique over and over again. As many times as you need!

5.      Makeup Discounts

We saved the best for last! When you first started playing with makeup, you were probably taken by the range of products on the market. Even now, you may be dazzled by the assortment of glitter, color, and finishes! The perks of being a makeup student and not just a makeup hobbyist means being able to purchase your tools of the trade at a discount! How do you feel about getting your hands on the latest released makeup… at a fraction of the cost?

Depending on your course, you may receive a free starter makeup kit to help you complete your course assignments. Supplement your kit with discounted products from today’s biggest brands! Many schools partner with makeup retailers to score the best deals for their students and grads. It’s not just smaller brands who offer discounts. MAC, Urban Decay, and OCC are just some brands known to be generous in their student discounts!

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