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We don’t have to tell you that the best way to become a makeup artist is to get certified and we don’t have to tell you that choosing an online makeup artistry course is a great option. No, you already have that information. We’re here to tell you about the extras. The little things that add up and turn into a big thing – the perks of becoming a makeup artist online!

Keep reading to find out the different benefits you can get when you become a makeup artist online!

Makeup Discounts

Let’s get right to everyone’s favorite perk – makeup discounts. When you join select online schools, you become part of an international makeup community. Different brands and associations will recognize your certification (and in some cases your status as a student) and because of that affiliation, you can save a lot of money on products! This means that you’ll make more money because you’ll be paying less for products! You’ll also have easier access to all your favorite brands so you can impress your clients with your high-end kit.

Wholesaler pricing, discounts, and BOGOs are all on the table depending on the brand. So get your certificate and get shopping! Makeup vendors and suppliers all around the world will be at your fingertips.

become a makeup artist online

Online MUA Community

Speaking of being part of a community, there is more than just the product community! When you study online, you can also become part of an online makeup artist community. That means you’ll have access to lots of other people that are taking the same course as you or have already taken the same course.

You’ll be able to ask questions about assignments and get feedback from peers. Most brick-and-mortar programs do not offer this same convenient online community, which can lead to students feeling like they are going through schooling alone. Having a support system that understands exactly what you are going through is a key element to success and a major perk in the makeup industry.

This also means that you can create connections with your peers to work with after you have graduated. They could help you find clients. Or, they might know of a possible employment opportunity. You might even find a business partner! Of course, you’ll work closely with your online tutor, but becoming part of a community that will follow you throughout your career is a huge advantage.

become a makeup artist online MUA community

Experience in the Digital World

Nowadays the digital world is such an important place for getting clients and maintaining relationships. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other online platforms can all be vital to getting your career off the ground and becoming extremely successful. By attending an online makeup artistry program, you will have more experience with the digital world. This means you will be prepared for the business aspect of being an artist.

Let’s face it, not all artists are amazing with technology. We don’t all take to creating a website like a duck to water. However, the more exposure you get and the more your tutor and program explain how to effectively use online platforms, the faster you’ll be able to put your certification to good use. After all, if you aren’t online, many people think you don’t exist!

Business Training

Good online MUA schools will prepare you not only to expertly apply makeup; they will also give you the opportunity to understand how to be a business owner! Many people that choose to go into the makeup industry want to be a freelance artist. Being your own boss can be an amazing experience, but you need more than talent to start a business. As previously mentioned, online practices like marketing need to be understood. You also need to understand how to navigate insurance, client contracts, and other legalities.

become a makeup artist online business training

Flexible Payment Plans

Online makeup schools generally cost less than a brick-a-mortar school. Plus, payments can be much more convenient! Most schools tell you your tuition, give you a deadline and you have to figure out a way to put down a huge chunk of money all at once. This often means taking out a loan, borrowing money, or other less than desirable payment methods. Great online schools allow you to choose payment plans so that the cost of school can be manageable and fit any budget or lifestyle!

Various Starting Levels

Online makeup artistry school is made for people regardless of their skill level! Because professors and teachers at brick-and-mortar schools need to try to cater to the average student, it means some people can feel left behind and others will find themselves bored with basics. When you work through an online course, you get to move at your own pace.

Plus, there are a variety of different courses that you can choose from! This means you can practice putting on concealer 100 times over or you can jump to taking an airbrushing course. Online schooling means that your experience is catered to your exact needs and capabilities. If that isn’t enough, you don’t even need to have a makeup kit to get started! Some online schools will send you your own makeup kit free with enrollment!

become a makeup artist online

There are pros and cons to all forms of learning and there are certainly pros and cons of individual schools. So, do some research, find an online school that offers all these perks, and get to it! Your future as a professional makeup artist is a click away.

Which of these makeup benefits did you find the most beneficial? Let us know in a comment below!

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