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Fabulous discounts are only the beginning of what you get from an online makeup school! So what are some other things that every makeup school should have? Let us enlighten you…

The main point of enrolling in a makeup academy is to learn how to succeed as a makeup artist. With this in mind, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these 6 things that will make your makeup training stand out!

Professional tutors

Think of your makeup tutor as your guide to the world of makeup artistry. They are behind you every step of the way, providing feedback on each assignment and pushing you to do your best work. Your makeup school should have tutors who are already established, successful professionals in the industry!

For example, QC Makeup Academy’s tutors are well-known, successful professionals such as New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson and Australia-based makeup artist and business owner Azzi Williams. Under professional makeup artists, students grow their skills and experience with detailed instruction on technique and theory.

become a makeup artist

Whichever makeup career path stands out to you – be it SFX, fashion, or film makeup – be sure you’re learning from a tutor who’s a superstar in their field!

Business training

Working for yourself as a makeup artist is extremely lucrative and you get some awesome benefits! Getting some business training in your makeup classes will lay the foundation for your future brand.

Certain makeup courses have units focused on starting your own business, giving you the skills you need to name and register your business, set up your office, do your taxes, write your business plan, and much more. Beginning your makeup career armed with business savvy will set you apart from the competition.

Your makeup school should definitely teach you a thing or two about how to successfully start and manage a business. You never know, you may start working for a cosmetic company or salon where business training is highly valued!

Access to continuous support

Whether you choose to enroll in an online makeup course or opt for in-class training, having a support system is essential. As a student, you’ll undoubtedly have questions about which makeup course is best for you, how to pay your course fees, and questions will naturally come up while you complete your makeup assignments. Having a support team available will make a big difference to your experience as a makeup student.

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Not only do you want to make sure your makeup academy supports current students, but they should also help out graduates too! This is when you’ll need the most guidance as an emerging makeup artist.

The support from your makeup school will go hand-in-hand with guidance from your tutor. Make sure you have access to all the resources you need right off the bat, and you’ll be able to work your way up as a successful makeup artist.


Work-life balance is important for students and the working world alike. If you’re considering enrolling in a makeup course, you probably don’t want to spend every minute of your life studying (which is normal!). We all have busy lives, so finding a makeup school that allows you to work around your commitments or hobbies is a big perk.

Your makeup training should be fun and flexible, with no harsh deadlines. Online makeup courses are, by their very nature, highly flexible and designed with busy individuals in mind. A self-paced class will let you practice skills and submit your best work, rather than rushing to get everything done! No one can succeed if they don’t have time to practice.

Career resources

makeup artist certification

As an emerging makeup artist, you know that the time you spend working on assignments and practicing looks will one day pay off. You see yourself working in an amazing makeup job in the future, maybe on a film set or on the red carpet!

Your makeup school should ease your mind by providing you with resources that will help you in the makeup industry. You want to become a makeup artist, and you need tips along the way to create a professional portfolio, network, and find clients.

Before enrolling, give your list of makeup schools a quick call to find out what they offer students and graduates in terms of career resources – do they help with resume-writing? Do they help you meet other pros? These are key questions to ask before starting your makeup training. You want to be sure you can achieve success in the real world!

A professional certification

Hands down, the most important item your makeup school should provide is a makeup certification.

Enrolling in a makeup course to practice your skills and have fun is fine, and many students start their makeup training without career goals in mind. However, receiving a certificate at the end of your course will provide you with a serious dose of confidence in your skills and knowledge. Plus, it shows employers that you have professional training!

An online makeup certification will also boost your makeup salary and help you build your clientele, so choose a makeup academy that can give you a professional designation.

Do you have what it takes to ace a makeup course at QC? Take our quiz to find out!

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