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In short, absolutely it will! In any profession, additional training and practice will advance your skills. Remember the old saying “practice makes perfect”? That goes double-time with makeup artistry (considering there are so many skills to learn!).

Consider expanding your services, such as special effects makeup training or hair styling training. Plus, you can always learn expert skills if you’re moving up in the industry. For example, learning airbrush makeup techniques or training under a celebrity makeup artist will give you, even more, to brag about.

Learning makeup artistry is no easy feat—so be proud of your skills and keep your techniques on point! Here are just a few of the ways your certification will raise your MUA salary…

Impress Employers

First things first, a certification in makeup artistry will impress any employer that views your resume. It’s easy for people to have a passion for makeup, and to practice on themselves. However, being able to show you’ve completed professional training is a whole new ball game!

Fun fact: there’s a big difference between watching people on YouTube and receiving real tutorial training from a professional makeup artist.

In your certification course, you’ll go into pro techniques and skills that are unknown to most makeup junkies. Most importantly, every employer knows this fact so don’t try to pull the wool over their eyes!

Show Off Your Hard Work

Obtaining your certification isn’t easy—it takes hard work and A LOT of practice. This is why QC’s tutors actually grade your work and give you detailed feedback on every point of your makeup application. With any certification, you can be proud of the time and practice you put into gaining your makeup artistry skills. Your training is also a testament to real-life experience—you work with real people, after all!

So don’t be afraid to tout your training to other pros in the industry. They know the commitment it takes to learn these advanced techniques, and no one will look lightly upon your hard work.

Build Your Portfolio

One of the main benefits of your makeup training courses: being a step ahead in your portfolio! Not only do you learn how to create a beautiful and specific portfolio, but you also get to feature your best work. Assignments are hands-on, and you’ll need to take high-quality photos of your applications. Be sure to find good lighting, because these babies should go straight into your portfolio!

What’s more, you can even add in your grade and feedback from your tutor! Show clients that an experience makeup artist actually critiqued (and praised) your work. This will inspire confidence and credibility in your skills!

Learn Industry Etiquette

Becoming a successful makeup artist takes more than just talent and skill. You also need to know best practices within the beauty industry! This comes down to your etiquette with clients, as well as with possible employers. People will expect you to know how to act and how to perform your duties with a high level of professionalism. This can include providing directions, conducting consultations, and much more. It’s of utmost importance for you to know how to act according to industry standards!

This is a HUGE advantage of gaining your certification. Your tutor has a lot of experience in the makeup industry, so they’ll be able to provide you with tips and advice for improving your etiquette. And trust us—we’re not saying you have bad etiquette, but there is a very specific way a makeup artist needs to act to be seen as credible!

Gain Industry Contacts

More than etiquette, who you know in the industry will give you a major push in becoming a recognized makeup artist. Having another pro on the inside who can attest to your skills will be a godsend. This is where networking comes into play. During your makeup classes, be sure to connect with other students in your forums and social media platforms. There will more than likely be others in your area who are practicing the same skills. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a future business partner!

Another great idea: reach out to local makeup artists and ask if you can meet with them. They might be willing to offer you an apprenticeship or invite you in to see how they work. Any real-life experience with a professional makeup artist will help you in your career!

Start Your business

One of the only makeup schools to have a business training series? QC Makeup Academy, of course! We want to make sure every makeup artist has the chance to be in control of their own career, and providing additional business training is a prime way to achieve this. So, if you’re looking to start your own business or become a freelance makeup artist, consider working on the business assignments to learn about owning and running a business!

We could on for a century about the advantages of working towards your makeup artistry certification. Training is simply the best thing you can do for your career—so make sure you’re constantly testing your skills and building on your experience!

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