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Some makeup looks have truly stood the test of time, such as Marilyn Monroe's red pout and Kate Moss's effortless glow! Join us for a trip down memory lane as we list 5 iconic beauty looks with serious staying power!
If you're considering enrolling in an online makeup course, you know you'll learn skills and techniques to help you become a successful professional. However, there is much more to be learned from an online makeup course, so here are 6 things you didn't expect!
Makeup can be a lot of fun (not to mention very rewarding) if you know what you're doing! Read on for the best ways to become familiar with makeup artistry, including enrolling in makeup artistry classes and experimenting with different looks!
Full-time jobs, kids, social lives and other commitments can pull us all in different directions, making it difficult to pursue our passions! Read on for our guide to getting a makeup certification online, no matter HOW busy your life is!
Do you know which makeup industry would best suit your interests and talents? With so many career options available, it can be tricky to narrow down which one would be best for you. Take our helpful quiz to find out, and get ready to dive into what you love!
Working as a makeup artist in Sydney, Australia will boost your experience and skills while also allowing you to maintain an excellent work-life balance. Read on for our look at the best neighborhoods to work in, as well as some fabulous Sydney-based makeup artists to follow on social media!
For aspiring makeup artists, online learning allows for a great deal of flexibility, but it's important to know how to develop your skills the right way. Time management, patience, and self-discipline are key -- read on for our guide on how to properly study makeup online!
The right business name can propel your makeup business to success, while the wrong one can be confusing and forgettable. Read on for a full list of do's and don'ts when it comes to choosing a business name!