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If you’re thinking of starting your career as a makeup artist in sunny Australia, the diverse and exciting city of Melbourne is a fantastic location. Melbourne is the second largest city in the country behind Sydney (which is also a great choice for aspiring makeup artists!).

Due to its excellent infrastructure, economy, and diversity, Melbourne has held the title of the world’s most liveable city for six consecutive years!

A makeup artist certification is key if you want to succeed as a professional in this first-class city. Use our guide to finding the best neighborhoods to work in, which makeup artists to follow, as well as the salary of a makeup artist in Melbourne!

Where to Work in Melbourne

Location: Windsor
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, mobile makeup artists
Industries: Salon and Spa
Preferred Makeup Style: Creative and everyday wear

With vintage boutiques lining the street and art covering the walls at every turn, Windsor is one of Melbourne’s most eclectic neighborhoods.

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As an aspiring makeup artist looking to flex your creative muscles, Windsor will let you thrive in freelance or mobile makeup jobs. A laid-back vibe floods every corner of this inner suburb!

Location: Brunswick
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, beauty counter makeup artists
Industries: Entertainment and Retail
Preferred Makeup Style: Creative and everyday wear

The suburb of Brunswick, just a few kilometers north of the Central Business District, is Melbourne’s trendiest area. Sydney Road is a great location to start your career as a makeup artist – it’s a bustling hub of activity for locals and tourists alike.

Many hair and makeup salons are found along this commercial street, allowing aspiring makeup artists to work for an established salon or get a freelance makeup job in the neighborhood.

Location: Southbank
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, mobile makeup artists
Industries: Entertainment and Retail
Preferred Makeup Style: Everyday wear and bridal

TV studios and theatres stand next to tall office towers in the urban neighborhood of Southbank. It’s fitting that Southbank faces the Central Business District, as many corporate organizations have headquarters here.

The arts and entertainment scene in Southbank attracts locals and tourists, making it an exciting neighborhood for makeup artists to work in. Whether you’re interested in freelance makeup jobs or aspire to work behind the scenes, Southbank is a thriving area of Melbourne that will jumpstart your beauty career!

Location: Docklands
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, beauty counter makeup artists
Industries: Entertainment and Retail
Preferred Makeup Style: High-end and creative

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Besides the dazzling view of the Melbourne skyline, the Docklands neighborhood is seriously up-and-coming! Tourists flock to this suburb to see landmarks like bthe Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel, and spend a great deal of time on Batman’s Hill and Waterfront City, the shopping and entertainment hubs.

Many cosmetic retail stores are part of the Harbour Town Shopping Center, and are great opportunities for makeup artists to hone their skills at a beauty counter and provide tips to customers.

Location: Melbourne City Center
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, beauty counter makeup artists
Industries: Retail, Salon and Spa
Preferred Makeup Style: High-end and bridal

Business may be the main focus of Melbourne’s City Center, but this is still laid-back Australia!

You only need to stroll down the charming laneways packed with chic cafes and tiny boutiques to get the vibe. With two theaters nearby, makeup artists who dream of creating stage makeup have the opportunity to work on Broadway productions. Plus, makeup artists looking for retail jobs can find MAC and Sephora on Little Lonsdale Street – a major shopping area nearby!

Melbourne Makeup Artists You Should Be Following

Rae Morris

We featured Australia’s most influential makeup artist, Rae Morris, in our post on how to become a makeup artist in Sydney. Starting out in Brisbane as a hairdresser, Rae quickly found herself working on fashion shows and shoots as an international makeup artist.

Today, with 25 years’ experience in the makeup industry, Rae has worked closely with celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Jessica Biel, and has received the title of Australian Makeup Artist of the Year four times!

Be sure to check out Rae’s website and Instagram for both beauty and career inspiration!

Helen Shamsabadi

makeup artistry certification

Bridal makeup in Melbourne is led by Perfect Pout Hair and Makeup, a business owned by makeup artist Helen Shamsabadi.

Specializing in airbrush makeup, Helen and her team have been creating stunning bridal looks for almost 20 years and are an inspiration to artists around the world! Perfect Pout’s Instagram account is full of flawless, happy brides thanks to Helen’s makeup magic!

Katie Winkler
As one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Melbourne, Katie Winkler specializes in bridal and editorial makeup. Her work has been featured in fashion shows such as Melbourne’s L’Oreal Fashion Festival and Miss Universe Australia. She now runs her own business in Melbourne with a professional team of makeup artists by her side.

Visit Katie’s website and have a look at her gorgeous portfolio, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and be totally inspired by her attention to detail and flawless makeup creations!

Felicia Sarwono
Bridal makeup artist Felicia Sarwono is well known throughout Australia for her glamorous, natural makeup looks. Felicia has over eighteen years’ experience working in the beauty industry, and during that time has created her own techniques to make brides feel flawless and light!

A quick look at Felicia’s Instagram will show you just how radiant and fresh her brides look as a result of her careful makeup applications.

Leah Danielle
Not all established makeup artists share their favorite products and tips, but that’s just what Melbourne-based makeup artist Leah Danielle uses her Instagram account for!

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With over eight years of makeup and esthetician experience under her belt, Leah provides professional makeup and nail enhancement services to clients. Her Instagram account is a beautiful mix of the looks she’s created, plus photos of her favorite products. Follow her to get the inside scoop!

An MUA’s Salary in Melbourne

In Melbourne, you’ll be earning money in Australian dollars rather than US dollars, and the average salary in Melbourne is $50,000. Your makeup artist salary depends on different factors, like whether you’re a freelance makeup artist, employee under a cosmetic label, or if you’re focused on TV or stage makeup.

As with any job, you’ll likely start with an entry-level salary. Don’t worry! It will increase as you gain experience. Each area will offer different salaries based on the types of businesses and people that live there.

Keep in mind that enrolling in a makeup course can help by giving you a competitive edge over other makeup artists. Your certification will show employers and clients that you have the skills and talent to give them what they want.

For aspiring makeup artists looking to grow their career, Melbourne is a top location. It is, after all, the world’s most liveable city! Decide on the right neighborhood for you and watch your makeup career thrive.

Are you destined to become a makeup artist? Find out with these 7 signs, and head down the right path!

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      We recommend reaching out to your local governing authority to find out if you need a license in your area. Our training programs teach foundational and advanced skills for applying makeup, but the certification you receive from QC is not the same as a license (which varies all over the world). Sometimes a cosmetology license is needed, but the exam or course you’ll take for cosmetology does not always cover what you need to know to be a successful makeup artist.

      Hope this helps!

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