In this makeup tutorial, Brittany takes you through the steps to creating a beautiful tropical blue eyeshadow look perfect for a summer night out!
For today’s step by step eye look I used the QC Makeup Academy Neutral eye palette. The colour range is amazing—TONS to choose from.
I thought I would share with you my current drugstore must have’s. With new product’s coming out all the time my beauty essentials are always on rotation.
With spring in the air it’s nice to re-evaluate our beauty products. I recently did a mini haul at The Body Shop and I wanted to share some of my favorites!
With this extra long winter we've been having here in Canada, I decided to warm us up with a pop of golden orange and pink in this toasty smokey eye look!
Luxury scrubs can run upwards of a hundred dollars or more! I created this scrub a while back and I decided to take things from some of my favorite name brand body exfoliants.
Finding that perfect foundation can be oh so tricky. Everyone needs and wants something different and no two skin types or concerns are ever alike.