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With this extra long winter we have been having here in Canada, I decided to warm us up with a pop of golden orange and pink in this smokey eye look! Don’t be scared of these colours—if you have green, blue or hazel eyes these colours will complement your eye so nicely! Brown eyes feel free to follow along too as you can wear just about any colour you like to make your eyes pop. Here is a peak at the look we will be creating…

I used one palette to create this eye look. The palette is by ShopGlow, an artistry brand that is sold at IMATS! The palette can be found here! Here are the colours I used from the palette, they are circled and numbered for you below!

1. Start with a clean, primed eye lid. Apply colours numbered 1 and 2 mixed together on the lid (a golden orange).

2. Apply colour number 3 along the crease (a peachy tan).

3. Apply colour number 4 in the outer corner blending along the crease (a deep brick red).

4. Apply colour number 6 as a brow highlight (an opalescent white)

5. Apply a touch of the colour number 6 (a candy pink) and use it to blend the crease colours up into the brown highlight. Doing this will make the pink almost undetectable but add that super blended look the the eye.

6. Apply colour number 5 in the outer corner and blending along the crease (a dark reddish brown). This is just going to deepen up the look abit and create more drama.

7. Apply a black shadow along the lower lash line extending up and out to create the beginning of our wing.

8. Apply liquid liner along the top lashes extending out to finishing the wing. Then use colour number 4 (deep brick red), to soften the edge of the black. Doing so will warm up the look, still allowing the black to be dramatic but softening and blending it out with the warm brick hue. This really finishes the look!

To finish off apply mascara on the lower lashes and false lashes—there you have it!

Here is a look at the finished product…

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