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For today’s step by step eye look I used the QC Makeup Academy Neutral eye palette. The colour range is amazing—TONS to choose from. Personally, I loved working with the palette and was able to create just the look I was going for. Here are the shadows I used, and be sure to use a primer to really help with the pigment pay-off.

QC Makeup Academy Eye Shadow palette

Using the above photo as reference, follow along with my step by step tutorial on this purple/plum smokey eye…

Learning makeup from Brittany Hall: Makeup Look with QC Makeup Academy Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Start with a clean, primed lid. Take shadow #1 (a matte milky pale pink) and apply it all over the lid using a flat dense brush. Pat the product on to ensure the lid is very pigmented and opaque.
  2. Pick up shadow #2 (a pink/purple shadow with a slight shimmer) on a blending brush (I used MAC brush #217). Blend this shadow through the outer edge softening into the inner crease.
  3. Pick up shadow #3 (matte brown with a hint of champagne satin shadow peppered through, almost gives a mineralized texture) using the same brush, and apply this shade on the outer corner of the lid softening into the crease slightly.
  4. Apply your liquid liner. I like to apply the liner along my lash line deciding how thick I want it to be. Then I add my wing starting with the lower edge and then connecting the lines.
  5. Next apply your false lashes. Curl your natural lashes (if they are super straight) and apply one coat of mascara on them. Then apply a thin line of glue along the lash band, let the glue dry for a few seconds and then pinch the lash between your index finger and thumb and glid them into place. Then pinch your natural lashes and the false lashes together, pushing the lashes into the root of your natural lash even further.
  6. Apply shadow #4 (soft creamy white) along the brow bone as a highlight and on the inner tear duct.
  7. Apply a white, skin colour or slightly pink/white eye brightener along the lower waterline. I used Eye Bright by Benefit.

There you have it, a soft plum purple smokey eye with a clean bright lower lash line!

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