Makeup Tutorial: Tropical blue eyes

Makeup by Brittany—Tropical Blue Eyeshadow

By July 7, 2014November 6th, 2019Makeup Tutorial

With the summer months upon us I like to start adding a bit more color to my looks. Today I’m going to show you a step-by-step tutorial of a metallic blue smokey eye paired with a peachy lip! To me, this look is perfect for a summer night out.

Learning makeup with makeup artist Brittany Hall: tropical blue eyeshadow steps

  1. As always, start with a clean primed lid. Next up, pick up a blue eyeshadow, a loose pigment or whatever you prefer working with! I used a MAC pigment called Spruced from the Crushed Metallic Pigment collection. Use a flat synthetic brush as it will make it easier to pick up the pigment and place it onto the lid. Keep your application focused on the center of the lid, or the highest point of the lid.
  2. Next, pick up a matte black shadow on a small shadow brush and press it onto the inner and outer corners of the lid. Keep your application in a smaller area as you are going to blend out after and product will spread.
  3. Now pick up your blending brush and using very small strokes, start to buff the colours together only where they meet and along the crease.
  4. Use a makeup wipe and clean up the edge of the shadow making a nice sharp edge.
  5. Pick up a matte light grey shadow and blend out the crease even further.
  6. To sharpen up the edge that much more and brighten up the eye, take a concealer and run it along the outer edge of the shadow where you created your angle. Soften it with your finger.
  7. Apply liquid liner.
  8. Apply a white eyeliner to your lower waterline and pick up that same light grey and soften it along your lash line.
  9. Apply mascara and false lashes.

Learning makeup with makeup artist Brittany Hall: tropical blue eyeshadow final makeup look

QC Tutor, Nathan Johnson, experiments with bright blue eyes in the Pro Makeup Workshop. Check out a sneak peak of what you’ll learn!

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  • Nicole says:

    The color is beautiful. I love that look!

  • Allanah says:

    I love how your combined the blue and black, the problem I find with using bright colours it sometimes can be hard for some newbies to understand how to bring the best look out of bright colours, bright colours can come across as a childish look and its hard to combined but i look how your brought the two colours together to give it the mature gorgeous look.

    • Erin Siksay says:

      Great point, Allanah. Any technique or palette can be hard to master, and some colors just don’t mesh well with different skin tones. That’s why it is so important to practice and experiment with different colors, skin types, techniques, etc!

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