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Happy New Year! As we welcome the arrival of 2018, let’s take a look back to see how far the Beauty Buzz blog has come. From beauty trends to career advice, here is the list of your 12 favorite articles.

1. How I started A Cosmetic Line: QC Student Feature

Mariaisabel Johnston is a full time geoscientist, and recently started her own line called Spiced Cosmetics. Find out how she turned her passion for makeup artistry and background in science to create her own mineral cosmetic line!

2. 6 New Tools You Need In Your Makeup Kit

Makeup artists always need to be on top of the latest trends, which means your makeup kit should be stocked with the latest and greatest tools and products. Here’s a list of 6 new breakthrough products you should consider adding to your collection, including products from Becca Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, and Cover FX!

3. How To Get Certified As A MAC Makeup Artist

From makeup training to building product knowledge, QC gives you the inside scoop on how you can become a makeup artist for this adored brand, and land your dream job.

4. How to Find Discounts As A Working Makeup Artist

Building your professional makeup artistry kit is a big expense – especially when you’re just starting out! Discover the top ways to find discounts as a working makeup artist — your wallet will thank you for it!

5. Building A Makeup Kit: Professional vs. Drugstore Cosmetics

As a professional makeup artist, when it comes to choosing your products, costs should be less important than performance. Read this article to learn when you should choose professional or drugstore cosmetics when building your makeup kit.

6. 5 Best Face Masks Used by Celebrity Makeup Artists

Part of establishing a good skincare routine is finding a good face mask you can use once a week. Here’s out roundup of the 5 best face masks used by celebrity makeup artists, so that you can start building your collection of pampering skin treatments!

7. My Honest Review of QC Makeup Academy

Stephanie Wyatt, a recent graduate from QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course, shares her student experience and her honest opinion of the school, course content, and materials. Watch her video review to see what she has to say!

8. How to Get A Makeup Artist Job at NYX

Do you already have your sights set on a dream job? For many, working at a makeup counter for a huge company is a serious career goal that can be pretty intimidating. In this guide, QC put together their best career tips to help you land an amazing makeup artist job at NYX Cosmetics.

9. 6 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Knew

An outgoing personality, a great deal of patience, and sheer talent are all qualities a makeup artist needs. From a client’s perspective, it may seem all one-sided, but there a number of things your makeup artist wishes you knew, such as bringing visual aids to your appointment, being respectful of their time, and more!

10. #TBT Worst Celebrity Makeup Mistakes of the 2000s

Glamorous celebrities not only do they influence our lifestyle, but they also inspire new makeup trends! However, just because celebrities are famous doesn’t mean they always make the right makeup choices. In this walk down memory lane, we take a look back at some of the worst celebrity makeup mistakes of the 2000s.

11. Naming Your Makeup Business- Dos and Don’ts

If you are thinking about starting your own makeup business, choosing the right name is important propel you to success, whereas the wrong one can be both confusing and forgettable. Here’s a list of dos and don’t when it comes to choosing the perfect business name!

12. How to Become a Freelance Makeup Artist: A Step by Step Guide

Becoming a freelance makeup artist is highly desirable – you can set your own hours and pay rate, choose your clients, and build a fabulous brand that you can be proud of. But it can also be intimidating. Therefore, QC put together a step-by-step guide, including how to build your toolkit and set boundaries!

New Year, New Career. Are you looking to start your dream career in makeup artistry? Find out if QC is right for you.


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