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If you want to become a makeup artist, you likely have your sights set on a few dream jobs. And that’s fantastic! For many, working at a makeup counter for a huge company is a serious career goal that can be pretty intimidating. However, with professional makeup training under your belt, you can feel confident and ready to take on the world!

Why not set your sights as high as possible? Find out how to land an amazing makeup artist job at NYX Cosmetics – we’ve put together our best career tips to help get your foot in the door (and excel)! Read on and pursue your passion!

Know your goals

Once you obtain your makeup artist certification, there are so many career options available to you. While this is ultimately a good thing, it can be tricky for certified makeup artists to make a decision about their future!

Before you start seriously looking for work as a makeup artist, you’ll need to do a bit of soul searching to determine what your career goals are. This doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable! In fact, this is an incredibly exciting time and we encourage you to enjoy it (while also taking it seriously).

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So, what is your passion?

Working as a makeup artist in a retail setting is desirable for many reasons. You’ll have the opportunity to work with multiple clients, get to know different products well to make informed recommendations, and play a large role in helping others make the right makeup decisions.

This career can be even more rewarding when your goals are aligned with the company you work for, and that’s why it is so important to seek out an employer that you respect and admire. We recommend large retailers such as Ulta, MAC, and of course, NYX! You’ll gain experience that will prove invaluable to your career as a makeup artist.

The application process

It’s go time! Now that you have a good understanding of your own passion and career goals, it’s time to put together the necessary items for your application at NYX.

  • Your resume

    When applying for any job, an updated and well-formatted resume is key – this is also the case with makeup artist jobs. Your resume must be up-to-date with skills and accomplishments that relate specifically to that job.

    In the case of NYX Cosmetics, this is a role that will have you working on your feet for many hours, dealing with a range of different customers, and offering pro beauty advice. Your resume should showcase your customer service and sales experience, as well as your makeup skills. This combination will demonstrate just how dynamic you are as a makeup artist, and prove that you’re the best for the job.

    Pro tip: When applying to work at a large makeup retailer such as NYX, include your career goals in your application. This shows employers how passionate you are, and demonstrate how your goals line up with their own.

  • Your portfolio

    makeup artist certification

    Makeup artists know just how visual this industry is, and how important a portfolio is to showcase your best work. If you’re serious about a career in makeup, you’ll already have a portfolio that you’ve been building up – either during your time as a makeup student or from various freelance jobs.

    In the case of your application for NYX Cosmetics, tailor your portfolio accordingly – this is the time to demonstrate the looks you created for clients based on their needs and your expertise. If you’re the successful candidate, you’ll be applying makeup on customers who enter the store. Often, you won’t have a great deal of time or preparation to do so!

    Take the time to organize your portfolio so it proves that you can think quickly on your feet and create beautiful looks on many different skin types, tones, and shapes.

  • Your interview skills

    Even if you’ve recently interviewed for other positions, it never hurts to practice and refine your interview skills! Every role you apply to is slightly different, and the companies are always unique, so it’s important to plan your answers to common interview questions and tailor them to the particular role and organization.

    As you practice your answers, relate your skills and experience to this particular job at NYX. Describe how you could contribute most effectively. Since they are a well-known and respected brand, a good idea would be to share your knowledge of their products and your admiration for their company goals – this shows that you’ve done your homework, and just how keen you are to land the position!

The interview

So you’ve been called for an interview – congrats! You only get one chance to make a first impression, and this is especially true when interviewing for makeup artist jobs. On the day of the interview, your makeup should be absolutely flawless (which won’t be an issue, of course!).

makeup school online

Now is the time to pull out all the stops! Perfect winged liner, a glowing complexion, and a professional outfit will show your potential employer the very best version of you, and your makeup skills! Focus on your strengths when creating your interview look – don’t overdo your makeup, but choose a few strong skills such as a perfect winged eye or flawless skin, and focus on those.

You can expect a series of standard interview questions that address your customer service and sales skills (NYX is a makeup retailer, after all!), so be sure to prepare some answers ahead of time that truly illustrate your experience. It helps to write out your ideas and review them ahead of the interview so you’re prepared. Some questions may surprise you, but the majority of them will likely be common questions that relate to situations you’ve encountered at previous makeup jobs.

The makeup trial

Some interview processes will include a practical component, such as a makeup trial. Large makeup retailers will want to see your makeup skills in action, and this is a fantastic opportunity to show them what you’ve got! The best piece of advice we can provide is to treat the model you’re provided with as a customer you’ve never met. This is important, as your role at NYX will require you to regularly create makeup looks on new and unique customers.

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Be your outgoing, friendly and professional self, and you’ll wow your potential employer during this part of the interview process!

Be knowledgeable and friendly

While your makeup knowledge, experience and talent are all extremely important qualities to help you land a job at NYX, don’t forget soft skills!

Employers want to hire makeup artists who are incredibly personable, kind, outgoing and helpful. They want to see that you’re excited about the products, the company, and your own career as a makeup artist. Let that energy shine through in every interaction you have with customers. So while you’re preparing for that makeup artist interview (which we’re sure you’ll rock, by the way), don’t discount the importance of smiling, enthusiasm, and knowing your worth as a makeup artist.

Good luck!

Becoming an assistant makeup artist will allow you to gain fabulous experience! Find out if you’re cut out for the job!

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