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So you’re thinking of starting your own makeup business—first off, congratulations! Pursuing a challenging endeavor is a big decision to make, and now there are countless details to consider (finances, employees, marketing). And of course, you need to choose your makeup business name!

The right business name can propel you to success, allowing your customers to know what services you provide and which market you are targeting. Remember that the wrong business name can be confusing and forgettable. Read on for a full list of dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing a name for your makeup business, and take notes!

Laying the Foundation

Think of your business name as the foundation of a building: it is absolutely essential to the building’s structure, and the rest of the business details can be laid upon it. The name of your business is so important because it truly is the first impression you give to potential clients, providing them with a sense of your style and services before they know anything else about you. In the ever-growing makeup industry, it’s important to stand out and be unique!

Now for some dos and don’ts…

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DO Make it Meaningful

When you made the decision to start your own makeup business, you likely had a vision of what your brand would look like. If you do not yet have a clear idea of your values as a business, explore this before choosing a business name. Once your brand is established, keep it in mind as you think about what to name your business—a unique name that fits with your overall image will set your business apart and make it memorable for potential clients. Avoid a name that is too obscure, and make sure it can be easily pronounced!

DON’T Use Your Location

It can be tempting to use your city or state as part of your business name, as it can be very catchy and recognizable. However, this will limit your business’s growth. For example, a makeup business titled, “Boston Beauty” will work well as you build your clientele locally—but if you accept makeup jobs out of town or decide to move, you will need to change your business name (which is not an easy process). Keep your business growing by steering clear of location-specific business names.

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DO Take Your Time

Although there are many other details involved in starting your own makeup business, choosing a name should be one of your top priorities. Like any other decision, choosing a name is a process, and one that should be taken very seriously and given an appropriate amount of time to make the right choice.

Draw inspiration from friends and family, use the Internet as a research tool, and create a short list of real ideas. Writing out your ideas and placing various synonyms, phrases and proper names together could provide you with the perfect business name! Don’t allow your business name to be an afterthought. It’s vital to your success as a makeup artist!

DON’T Forget the Legalities

Being creative and taking your time are both important when it comes to choosing a business name. But you also need to make sure that the name isn’t already in use. The last thing you want is to end up in a court battle over trademark infringement, so be sure to do the proper research (including an online name search) to ensure that your name is unique.

DO Say it Out Loud

It is vital that potential clients remember your business name, so it needs to be short and snappy while also rolling off the tongue. Alliteration can be a great tool when deciding on your business name, as the right combination of words with the same first letter can work together nicely. As you run through name ideas, be sure to say them out loud to ensure they sound as good as they look.

Keep in mind that consumers have a short attention span and will likely only remember a word or two, not a sentence. The name should be easy to understand and simple, which will allow potential clients to retain it in their minds.

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DON’T Choose a Name That Isn’t Internet-Friendly

A website can make or break your business, and this includes your domain name. When you’ve narrowed down your short list of business names, be sure that the name can be registered online. In some cases, you won’t be able to get your exact business name as a domain. You’ll need to consider whether you’ll always be in competition for online visitors with other makeup websites.

Another online avenue to check out is Google AdWords. Specifically their “find keywords” tool, which allows you to search your potential business name and see similar search phrases. This search will show whether there are slightly different names out there that may get more attention. This will help you make an informed decision about your business name based on what already exists online.

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