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In our digital world, it’s hard to remember a time before online makeup tutorials and video blogs existed. We can bet that you’ve learned more than one technique while watching a fellow makeup artist on YouTube! If you’re a YouTuber yourself, you know how important it is to constantly create new content in order to increase your viewership and following. In order to achieve these goals, however, you need some serious training under your belt. After all, you’re seen as an expert, so your skills should be as sharp as possible!

So how do you go about learning makeup as a YouTube MUA? Let us show you how, and get ready to take your videos to a whole new level!

The sky is the limit

We can’t stress enough how important it is to offer a variety of content as a YouTube makeup artist. With so many YouTubers claiming to teach the perfect winged eyeliner and bold lip methods, you really need to set yourself apart. Luckily, this can be accomplished by creating content that is unique and interesting. You can’t expect to keep your viewers engaged, and attract new ones by sticking to your tried and true styles and techniques.

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The best way to broaden your makeup knowledge (and translate it into amazing videos) is to learn a variety of different makeup skills. Research makeup schools and find out which ones can teach you the basics (it never hurts to brush up on your current skills!), as well as specific bridal techniques, looks for television and film, editorial applications, and even dramatic theater makeup.

Think of how fun (and unique) some of these looks would be to film! And don’t be afraid to branch out even further – knowing how to use an airbrush makeup machine, as well as apply prosthetics and create realistic wounds, is invaluable. Many makeup schools offer a full range of different courses, so it’s well worth doing your homework on which courses will really enhance your skills, and improve your YouTube content!

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It IS possible to complete makeup training

Although YouTube makeup artists appear to have a strong knowledge of makeup and an impressive skill-set, not all of them hold a makeup artist certification. The great thing about a medium like YouTube is that it allows everyone to share their thoughts, techniques, and expertise, no matter their level of training! However, you should be focused on setting yourself apart, and obtaining a certification from a professional makeup school is your ticket. A makeup artistry education is also incredibly rewarding and will do wonders for your confidence – it’s really a win-win situation!

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We know that the thought of enrolling in a makeup course is likely daunting, as this venture can be both costly and time-consuming. However, you have some options, and online makeup courses top the list! Forget about having to travel to class or complete assignments with tight deadlines.

These rules don’t apply to online makeup schools. You can study, practice, and learn from the comfort of your own home, which is likely also where you film your YouTube videos. You also won’t need to sacrifice your full-time job or other priorities. Most makeup schools will allow you a few years to complete your studies, so you can work at your own pace, and enroll in as many courses as you like (as mentioned above, the more the better!). Online makeup schools also tend to offer less expensive tuition, as there are no costs required to maintain a campus.

So, know that it is totally possible to complete your makeup courses at home and that you can take your time and enjoy the journey. The proper training will be a game changer for your YouTube channel and career as a makeup artist!

Adopt a learning mentality

If you’re a YouTube makeup artist, chances are that you’re a beauty aficionado. You love products, techniques, and trends, and are probably confident in your skills (otherwise you wouldn’t be showing them off on camera!). However, you can’t expect to grow your following or skill-set without learning makeup artistry the proper way. Believe us, there are certain ways that professional makeup artists create looks, and they’re rooted in training.

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in a makeup course, we encourage you to shift your perspective a little bit. Adopt the mindset that you’ll always be learning, and welcome every opportunity to improve your skills through courses, workshops, and practice! This will serve you extremely well in your career as a makeup artist, and will have a hugely positive impact both on the videos you create as a YouTube makeup artist, and your following.

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We mentioned earlier that the best way to widen your knowledge is by learning a variety of skills—and there are so many ways you can do this! Makeup artists are constantly building their repertoire by mastering new techniques, experimenting, as well as getting inspired through makeup blogs and other YouTubers. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude with each video you create, and encourage your viewers to share their looks as well – you never know what can be learned from other artists!

You’ll become an expert

We’re sure that the content you’re currently creating is engaging and helpful, but trust us, with a makeup artist certification under your belt, your videos are going to blow people away. Your advanced knowledge of product application, industry standards, and the latest trends are going to make you an expert.

Amateur YouTube artists may know how to do their own makeup, but as a trained makeup artist, you can correct a variety of flaws and enhance different features on men and women with different skin types and conditions. Also, if you’re able to provide on-the-go tips for viewers on how to contour their nose or apply blush, you’ll rack up thousands of views (seriously!).

Whether you’ve completed a makeup course for beginners, a special effects makeup course, or a course in wedding makeup, you can feel confident recommending products on your YouTube channel. And guess what? Your viewers are going to listen!

Also, part of being a YouTube beauty guru is being sent products to use, review, and promote. Once you’ve established yourself as a certified makeup artist, your inbox may flood with sponsorships and free products, which you can recommend (or not, based on your expertise). If you’re looking to grow your viewer base, appealing and relating to the everyday woman will do wonders for your channel. And you owe it all to your makeup artist training!

YouTube makeup tutorials are great, but they can’t teach you everything – find out why an online makeup academy is the best way to learn professional makeup!

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