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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’ve been a dental nurse for over 10 years now. I originally chose this career because I wanted to help people. That being said, my main passion is getting creative. That’s always been the one thing I actually enjoyed and felt truly good at.
When I was 7-years-old, I really wanted to become a hairdresser. Unfortunately, I never followed this career path, as I suffered from a mental health condition known as Selective Mutism. I was unable to talk in certain situations and/or with certain people, due to severe anxiety. I eventually started to talk in my teenage years, but I was extremely quiet. Because of this, I convinced myself that a career in hair and beauty was not the path for me, since I didn’t know if I’d be able to talk to clients.
Instead, I chose to go into art college. I didn’t enjoy this much, though, as I wasn’t really interested in modern art. My passion was more geared towards painting nice watercolor pictures of animals, or other things that allowed me to feel inspired and apply myself in a way that made me happy.

Why did you decide to pursue makeup training and become a professional MUA?

There came a point when I decided that I was finally ready to follow my dreams. I chose makeup artistry because it’s similar to painting. You get to work with colors and brushes, and create art.
When I first started putting makeup on at school, I received many compliments about how I looked. Being extremely shy, this was such a boost of confidence! I would like to think I help to make my clients feel just as good about themselves, and give them the confidence to face the world.

How would you describe your makeup style? Do you have a particular niche?

I think my makeup style is very influenced by the 1960’s. I’ve always been drawn to that era of fashion and makeup. I particularly like the look of bold eye makeup paired with nude lips.

You draw on classic techniques to create more elaborate, unique makeup looks. Which specific classic techniques would you consider to be the most important ones to learn in professional makeup training?

I think all the classic techniques are equally important! For example, through my makeup training, I discovered how important it is to have a good primer for BOTH the eye lids and the face, in order to create flawless, long-lasting makeup.

Another very important technique is to go in with a light hand and build the product using sheen layers. It’s so much easier to build towards the final look, rather than having to remove makeup if you’ve gone in too heavy-handed .

Your talent for intricate eye makeup looks is incredible! What would you say your favorite eye makeup look to create is, and why?

I would say my favorite eye make up look is creating a dark, smoky eye. It looks so sultry! I definitely enjoy getting carried away with the blending brush. I also love creating classic cat liner looks. It’s taken me a long time to master the symmetry, but every time I get a little bit closer, it’s SO satisfying!

You’re very active on QC Makeup Academy’s Virtual Classroom. What do you consider to be the most beneficial part of being a member of this Facebook group?

There are a LOT of benefits to being a member of the Virtual Classroom! Particularly, I really enjoy the exclusive advice, tips, and free webinars available to us.

On top of that, it’s nice to feel a part of something, and with QC, it’s definitely a sense of community. I get to be alongside other people who have the same passion for makeup as I do! I’ve felt so supported from the other members, and it’s so lovely to see Nathan Johnson so active on the page, too!

You’re in the process of building up your very own makeup artist business. So far, what’s been the most challenging part of launching your own business, and how are you working to overcome it?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I have not been able to get set up and promote my business yet. However, in the UK, we’ve recently been given the green light to work as makeup artists again.

Now that I can safely get back into the game, my plan is to start building a portfolio of my work on Instagram, as well as create a new website. In fact, I have taken QC’s Pro Makeup Workshop in order to advance my skills and to show my applications on these sites!

You recently graduated from QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course. Since earning your certification, how has your makeup training helped you in your professional career?

My makeup training and certification have given me the knowledge I need to confidently provide a professional makeup service to clients!

What ONE piece of advice would you give aspiring makeup artists who are considering online school to receive their makeup training?

Do your homework in finding a reputable course provider! There are a lot of shady schools out there, but the RIGHT one will help you truly make a name for yourself in the beauty industry!

What made you want to enroll in online makeup school, and why did you ultimately choose QC Makeup Academy?

I did originally look at attending in-person classes, but I realized that my work commitments wouldn’t make that possible. So, I started to look into online courses, and that’s when I came across QC Makeup Academy.

I’ll admit: I was skeptical about it to begin with, as I’ve been stung in the past by terrible online “courses” from different “schools”. But in my research, I quickly found that this makeup school seemed the most reputable, with the most genuine reviews.

Also, when I reached out with questions via email, the Student Support Specialist team were very hands-on and answered every query very quickly. I decided to take the plunge and enroll in the course, and do not regret it at all!

Is there any particular makeup technique you’re currently working on perfecting?

I’m still working at improving my symmetry, particularly when using bold lip colors.

What’s in store for you and your makeup business in the next year?

In the next year, I hope to have built a website that advertises for both bridal and special occasion makeup applications. I’ve also enrolled in QC’s Airbrush Makeup Workshop, so that I can eventually offer this advanced service to clients as well, once I have mastered it.

Finally: you’re stuck on an island, and can only have one makeup OR skincare product with you! What do you choose, and why?

I think I would have to choose a beauty balm with SPF in it. That way, I’m protecting my skin from sun damage – while also having moisturized, flawless-looking skin!

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