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Welcome to QC Makeup Fam Friday! This new monthly series will explore the thoughts, stories, and opinions of real QC students and grads. Each month, they’ll weigh in on topics surrounding makeup training, finding work in the professional world, and being an MUA in the beauty industry!

Today, they’re here to answer one very insightful question: What is the #1 thing they love MOST about their online makeup classes with QC Makeup Academy?

Let’s see what the QC makeup fam has to say!

Nicole Rutle

Master Makeup Artistry

β€œI love QC’s online makeup classes because you can take your time, it’s flexible, and the tutors are super helpful!"

Harleen Kaur Talwar

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Hair Styling Essentials

"I love the online makeup classes with QC because we go through our study material and videos again and again, so we can practice them. Also, our tutors and the QC staff are ready to help us at any moment! I also love how we, as students, can get together in the Virtual Classroom and share our work and experiences together."

Bek Kapfer

Master Makeup Artistry

"I joined QC 5 years into my career as a makeup artist. I was self-taught and didn't learn much about makeup in esthetics school. Much of my knowledge came from YouTube and Instagram. I knew I was lacking the techniques to be a true artist. The feedback I have had gotten from Nathan has been a tremendous help in improving my work. He also helped me to believe in myself, my work, and my WORTH."

Brittany Bauhaus

Master Makeup Artistry / Special FX Makeup

"The #1 reason I love QC's online makeup classes is my kids. I get to start a career AT HOME! The learning process is done at my own pace, so I can still be there for my children at all times."

Carly Lister

Makeup Artistry

"I love my online makeup classes because I can study at my own pace! It fits perfectly into my busy schedule of being a mum. Also, the fact that we can connect with other students and alumni is fantastic! The beauty community definitely needs more support and encouragement from one another. I really feel that the QC staff, tutors, and students are spot on with it! The tips and tricks just keep flowing, so there's always something new to learn."

Makayla Noelle Andrews

Master Makeup Artistry

"I love that you can always refer back to any of your course materials. I love that I can spend HOURS practicing on my own time, perfecting looks for my assignments. I always look forward to my feedback at the end of each unit from my incredible tutor, Nathan Johnson. It's always straight to the point! I've never been more motivated and disciplined towards ANYTHING until I found QC Makeup Academy!"

Marnie Johansen

Master Makeup Artistry / Special FX Makeup

"I started my online makeup classes with QC a couple of years ago. I love how convenient it is to be able to work in my own time, but still have support any time from the QC community. I went from knowing only the basics to now having my own makeup business!"

Samantha Thomas

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"I love the convenience and flexibility of QC Makeup Academy! I'm a single mom of 2. When I first enrolled in my online makeup classes, I was working 2 jobs and trying to start my own business. So, the flexibility of working at my own pace was really necessary for my lifestyle. There are no deadlines - just give it your best!"

Caity Francess

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"I love doing my online makeup classes because they can work around my full-time job, being a mum, and sports commitments. Flexible online learning was the only way I was going to ever be able to move forward as a makeup artist."

Donna Holder

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"I love the online makeup classes with QC Makeup Academy because I am a stay-at-home mom of 2. I needed something that would fit in my crazy schedule, because I also home-school both of them while my husband works. Having the videos and tutorials ready and available whenever I need them is amazing, too. I’m so thankful I found this!"

Rorie McLaughlin

Master Makeup Artistry / Airbrush Makeup Workshop / Skincare / Special FX Makeup

"I love QC because I have many health issues that keep me from going to a physical school. When I found QC's online makeup classes, I got so excited that I almost cried! I've been so limited; I thought my dream of being an SFX makeup artist was too far-fetched. But it's not now, and I am SO happy!"

Katie Stegeman

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare / Global Beauty Workshop / Airbrush Makeup Workshop / Hair Styling Essentials / Portfolio Development Workshop

"QC has changed everything for me! I signed up after about a year of searching for different online makeup classes. I’m a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids under 10, so I needed an online school! I'm forever grateful for the QC family, the Virtual Classroom, and the connections I have made. The instructors have given amazing feedback, and are so thoughtful and caring. They truly want us to succeed."

Charlee Carey

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Skincare

"The #1 reason I love my online makeup classes with QC Makeup Academy is that they have made me realize the true extent of my passion for makeup! This is the career path that I was always meant to pursue. The flexibility of the classes has allowed me to study whilst being a full-time mum. They've brought a whole new positive light to my life. It's been a life-changing experience."

Erika Bendfeldt

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"The best thing about learning online makeup classes through QC has been the flexibility to go at your own pace. The knowledge you'll receive is invaluable. Lastly, I love the connection we're able to have with other students/graduates. It truly does feel like a family. We're all invested in each other's success!"

Ready to join QC’s awesome makeup family? Until August 10th, enroll and get TWO online makeup classes for the price of one!

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