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Devyn Gregorio is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, DevDevGregs, where she makes beauty videos. Today, Devyn shares how she created a beautiful and bright Valentine’s Day makeup look!

Watch her video below!

Keep reading to learn how Devyn designed and created this vibrant look.

Let’s Recap

February is the perfect time to create a fun Valentine’s-themed look. For this tutorial, Devyn will be working with only Anastasia’s new Amrezy Palette, which contains a variety of nude and rosy tones—perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The Eyes

Devyn starts her makeup look by applying E.l.f.’s Putty Eye Primer over her upper lids. This is a new product, so she’s excited to try it out!

She then uses the shade, ‘Waisted’, from her Amrezy palette to set her eyelids. Afterwards, Devyn uses her Morphe’s M573 brush to work the color, “OG”, into her crease. She chooses this neutral chocolate brown color to start off easy. By remaining in her comfort zone initially, she can then develop the confidence as the look progresses to step outside of it and gradually go bolder!

Devyn then uses the Morphe M504 (a bigger, fluffier brush) to blend out her crease color. Once the crease is finished, she lays down E.l.f.’s liquid eyeshadow, in the color, ‘Disco Queen’, on her inner-upper lid. She starts at the inner corner and slowly uses the included applicator to work the shadow into the center of her lid, as well as up into the crease.

Note: Devyn is NOT doing a cut crease in this tutorial! If you’d prefer a cut crease look, you can use a more precise brush to apply the liquid shadow.

Before the liquid eyeshadow dries completely, Devyn takes the color, ‘Barb’, and uses her finger to tap the product over the liquid shadow. This metallic lilac color will give her inner lids a hint of pink!

To fill in the rest of her eyes, Devyn uses the shade, ‘Šemsa’, (a matte red-plum shade). Using the brush from her Urban Decay Naked3 palette, she gradually packs the color onto the outer third of her eyelid.

Note that Devyn warns how the Anastasia’s eyeshadows are highly pigmented! To avoid making a mess, start with a little product and slowly build up your color with layers.

Pro Tip: By applying the liquid eyeshadow on your eyes first, it makes it easier to blend the two colors. Using this technique, Devyn is able to use the powder shadow to create a seamless transition between the two colors.

To bring the plum shade up to her crease, Devyn switches to a smaller and thinner brush. Again using the color, ‘Šemsa’, she slowly blends the color up. Remember: “Slow and steady wins the race!” To soften up the look, Devyn uses a fluffy blending brush to lightly blend out the edges.

Adding more depth

To add more depth to the eyes, Devyn decides to add a bit black eyeshadow to the outer corner of her eye. Using a pencil brush (Morphe’s e18), she selects the color, “BK”, and lightly packs it onto her outer corner.

The goal here is deepen the existing plum color, and not to make it look like there’s black shadow on her eyes! Use a blender brush to soften up the edges and fully blend the black into the plum color.

Using black shadow on the outer corner gives this look a smokey effect. Although the black takes a bit of time to blend out, it’s definitely worth the extra depth if gives to the eye! To make sure the black blends properly, Devyn warns that you will need to practice, practice, and even more practice!

To finish the upper lids, Devyn uses the same blender brush used for the plum color earlier, and softens up the edges of her shadow.

The lower lids

Devyn starts by using her Morphe eyeliner along her waterline. She also uses her eyeliner to tight-line her upper eyes.

Using a pointed liner brush, Devyn applies the color, ‘Šemsa’, on the bottom of her lash line. She starts from the outer corner and slowly brings it in. She then switches to a small blending brush (M506) to smudge out the color.

To help blend the eyeliner into her eye makeup look, Devyn uses a flat eyeliner brush and applies the black shadow, ‘BK’, right by the eyeliner.

All about the highlight

To highlight her inner corners and brow bone, Devyn switches to Anastasia’s Jacky Aina Palette. The Amrezy palette she was using previously just didn’t have the right shade!

Using her fingers, Devyn lightly applies the color, ‘Trust Issues’, onto her inner corner and brow bone.

Lashes for days

To finish her eyes, Devyn chooses to apply some dramatic lashes to match the bold colors. She chooses the Queen B lashes from KoKo.

The Lips

Because of the colors she chose for her eyes, a pink lip is the only way to go!

Devyn first lines her lips with the shade, ‘Oh Snap’, from Colorpop. Then she applies Anastasia’s liquid lipstick in the color, ‘Dusky Rose’. This shade is pinker than her lip liner, which matches her eye color pop perfectly!

The Final Look

Devyn is very happy with how her makeup look turned out! She had a lot of fun stepping outside of her comfort zone, and working with bright and bold colors.

And that’s it! What was YOUR favorite part of Devyn’s makeup look? Let us know in the comments below!

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