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Devyn Gregorio is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, Gregorio Girls Makeup, where she makes beauty videos with her sister. Today, Devyn shares why she enrolled in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course!

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Let’s Recap!

A year after graduating from Pennsylvania State University, Devyn was working two sales jobs and didn’t enjoy either of them. She reached a point where she realized she wasn’t happy with her career prospects. She “didn’t want to be miserable” for the rest of her life and wanted to find a fulfilling career that she would enjoy.

She always had a passion for makeup, but never seriously considered a career in makeup artistry as a viable option. While researching different options for makeup training, she stumbled upon QC Makeup Academy.

Devyn credits the Master Makeup Artistry course’s affordability and payment plan as attracting her to the program. She chose to pay tuition in 12 monthly installments that made taking a makeup course manageable for her.

How do QC Makeup Academy’s online makeup courses work?

Many QC students are new to online learning. Devyn discusses how learning with QC works.

After you enroll, you will be shipped your course materials. In your shipment, you’ll receive your course guide, course texts, your free makeup kit, and any applicable bonus items.

The course guide will outline the course structure and show you how to navigate the Online Student Center. The Online Student Center is the central hub for you to retrieve digital copies of your online texts, submit assignments, and receive your grades & audio critiques. The course guide also contains unit-by-unit checklists that detail the order in which you do each reading, watch each video, and complete each assignment.

Devyn found the course guide incredibly useful to her learning. The checklists helped her self-guide her learning and allowed her to track her progress in the course.

You’re really in control of how much you want to practice [your makeup skills].

Devyn GregorioMaster Makeup Artistry Course Graduate

How do you gain hands-on experience in online makeup classes?

Devyn is often asked about how much hands-on practice she got while studying at an online makeup academy. This is a question she fields from other makeup artists and curious peers! It is a very understandable question from those unfamiliar with online learning.

The Master Makeup Artistry course has plenty of practical makeup training assignments throughout the course. They encourage you to seek out a variety of models with different facial features. You must apply makeup on real models in order to complete the assignments and graduate with your makeup certification.

Devyn states that “it is what you make of it”. The amount of practical experience you get depends on how you take advantage of the assignments and feedback. She loved how she could complete the course at her own time. This meant she had plenty of time to ask friends and family to volunteer as models for her to practice her makeup skills. The flexible course completion time meant she could practice as much as she wanted before submitting her assignments. You could practice once and submit the assignment or do it multiple times before submission. You are in full control of how much work you put into it and how much hands-on experience you get.

open and closed eyed makeup by Devyn Gregorio a QC makeup academy graduate

For Devyn, it really worked well with her learning style. She didn’t need someone standing over her as she practiced. She liked the autonomy of being in control and doing it how she wanted before receiving feedback from her tutor. It comes down to what your learning preferences are. But yes, you are expected to do hands-on practice on live models!

Does Devyn recommend QC Makeup Academy?

Yes, Devyn had a positive experience completing the Master Makeup Artistry course. She feels like it set her up with the foundational makeup knowledge she needed to enter the makeup industry as a practicing freelance makeup artist!

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What exactly will you learn in QC’s online makeup courses? Check out the Master Makeup Artistry course outline here!

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