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Are you thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist? What if you’re halfway through your training and are looking for more motivation to keep going? Whatever it is, completing a makeup certification will allow you to advance in the beauty industry. If you’ve chosen QC as your makeup education provider, a big welcome to you! You’ve chosen well! The Certified International Makeup Professional (CIMP) designation is recognized around the world.

But what sorts of opportunities can your makeup certification afford you? Keep reading to find out!

What is a “Certified International Makeup Professional”?

retail makeup artist

So what does this designation really mean? While earning this certification, you’ll rest assured that you aren’t throwing yourself into the makeup world completely blind. You’ll learn everything from the basics of blending colors to advanced bridal makeup. You’ll learn about working with clients, adapting your creativity, and starting your own business.

The great news is that your techniques make you super capable in a variety of career paths. Just because you complete the business training units doesn’t mean you’re limited to just freelancing. The world is your oyster!

Retail Makeup Artist

Working at your local department store behind the beauty counter isn’t the most glamorous job. But when you’re just starting out, it can give you unparalleled experience! You’ll learn how to work on your feet all day long, speak with a large variety of people on a daily basis, and make a sale. Sure, it’s just selling products for now. But knowing how to attract a client and sell them a service is invaluable if you want to move on to other makeup-related industries. Besides, with guaranteed hours, you can also run a side business as a freelancer in your spare time!

Makeup Instructor

Whether you start filming YouTube tutorials or become a tutor for a makeup school, this is a highly rewarding career. With the advent of Instagram, many people are exposed to a variety of creative looks on the daily. As an instructor, you could educate makeup enthusiasts on how to execute these amazing looks. From current trends to winged eyeliner tips, you’ll know you’ve influenced the careers of many future makeup artists.

Freelance Makeup Artist

salon and spa makeup artist

A freelance makeup artist can work anywhere at any time. You’re your own boss most of the time but still have the option of working makeup campaigns and contracts. But don’t think that freelancing is easy. In fact, it’s quite difficult! Not everyone can keep up with the fast-then-slow pacing of freelancing. It’s stressful, and when first starting out, it can be hard to find opportunities for yourself. Building a client-base doesn’t just happen overnight. Even after earning a certification, some artists opt to become a makeup assistant to open more doors for themselves.

You may also set your sights on a specific type of artistry. The bridal makeup industry is booming. You’ll never be out of work for long during wedding season if you know how to market yourself!

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Salon & Spa Makeup Artist

Working in a salon and spa allows you to work alongside those in other areas of the beauty industry. Cosmetologists, estheticians, and hair stylists all have their own specific roles. Networking with other professionals in the beauty world is beneficial for your career. You’ll also encounter a variety of potential clients in a salon. Salons and spas do the legwork when it comes to marketing your services. Especially since beauty services can come in bundles, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new clients.

TV / Film Makeup Artist

tv and film and celebrity makeup artist

With HD cameras aimed at the faces of TV hosts and anchors, they need some seriously talent MUAs. It’s not just news shows and reality TV that need talented artists. Need examples of just how important makeup is despite CGI? Look to shows and movies like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and any movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Eve Pearl, eponymous founder of the beauty brand, has won five Emmy Awards for her work! She’s proof that talent doesn’t go unrecognized on television and film!

Theatrical Makeup Artist

Although makeup for theater is quite different than beauty makeup, you’ll be up for the challenge. Often, theatrical makeup is exaggerated, painted using grease and cream paints, and is meant to be seen from a distance. A subtle taupe to define the crease isn’t going to cut it! Your training as a CIMP will teach you how to work with color and enhance the face. However, you may need to pad your resume with a Special FX Makeup course if you want to simulate bruises, cuts, burns, or old age!

Celebrity Makeup Artist

The opportunity to work for the stars is not something we would pass up! Celebrities pay top dollar to look their best. Besides makeup talent, you’re also going to need a charismatic and confident personality. This way, you’ll stand above the rest. If you do your best and making a good impression, your name will start to circulate in celebrity circles. You may even find yourself name-dropped on the red carpet or even become a celebrity in your own right like Mario Dedivanovic!

Print / Fashion Makeup Artist

beauty editor

Do you want to create looks that grace the cover of Vogue? What about working on dozens of models for the New York Fashion Show runway? You’ll learn how to create looks to market and sell products. Working with a specific color story that represents the client’s vision is essential. You’ll also get to work with many photographers, stylists, and producers in this industry. Many makeup artists also work as hair stylists. You’ll increase your chances of getting hired with professional hair styling training. QC instructor Laurie Vulkich does both hair and makeup for her gigs!

Beauty Editor

Even as a makeup hobbyist, you’ve probably spent your fair share of time scouring the pages of allure looking for the year’s best products. Becoming a full-time beauty blogger and even editor takes lots of hard work and dedication. You need to start blogging without expecting any direct payment. When freelancing, you can start a blog on your website. Recommend products, discuss current trends, and even share a few tips! And when that beauty editor position opens up at Elle Magazine… you’ve got a great portfolio to draw on!

What other makeup careers interest you? Tell us all about it!

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