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So far, you’ve had the chance to check out some of Stephanie’s Master Makeup Artistry coursework—like her Unit A review and her blending tutorial. But while Stephanie’s focusing on her MMA course right now, it’s certainly not all that’s in store for her: she’s also a major special effects makeup enthusiast!

Even though she’s not focusing on her special effects makeup course yet, she’s taken a few steps to get ahead of the game:

  • Hitting up SFX YouTube tutorials
  • Watching gory movies

So just what is it that makes Stephanie love special effects makeup?

1. How realistic it can look

It looks so gory, scary, and real. No matter how outlandish the idea, a good SFX artist can make it believable!

2. It gives you the chance to be creative

Subtlety is an art form, but so is over-the-top creativity. SFX makeup makes both possible—you can do whatever you want!

3. It’s exciting to see in movies

CGI is great, but you can’t always rely on it to make a movie work. You can see more with actual makeup, and as far as Stephanie’s concerned it looks way better.

4. It’s given her a stronger stomach

Back in the day those Saw films made Stephanie sick. Now, though, she can enjoy goriness and appreciate it in movies—though she’s still not a fan of horror movies. (One day, maybe…)

5. Once you’ve got all the gear, you can let your mind wander

As an SFX artist, you’ve got so much available to work with. It’s a sort of magic, and if you practice you can undergo a transformation of your own, from amateur to amazing professional. Her dream career would definitely involve SFX work on TV or film sets!

Are you an SFX junkie like Stephanie? QC SFX tutor Michele Mulkey has recommendations for stocking your kit!

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