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Airbrush makeup is usually saved for special events, like weddings or formal galas. But airbrush has become a widely available option for everyday wear in recent years. If you’re looking for that even-toned, perfect complexion that only models seem to get—you need to try airbrush makeup!

Airbrush makeup kits aren’t too bulky to carry around as a makeup artist, and offering airbrush applications with your services can give you more clients! With airbrush machines, you’ll actually use fewer products to give your client beautiful skin (which can save you a lot of money!).

Curious about what it’s all about? Find out why airbrush makeup should always be on your list…

Airbrush Makeup Won’t Budge

Let’s start with this point: doesn’t everyone want makeup that won’t smudge? Yes, there are regular foundations and setting sprays that are long-wearing, but this requires a lot more product and time than airbrushing does. Since airbrush makeup applies in an even layer over the skin, it’s easy to get a long-lasting makeup look in a hot minute. This stuff will not leave your client’s face until they’re ready to wash it off.

That being said, you’ll need to watch out for foundations that wear off when exposed to water. Some airbrush makeup is not waterproof, so make sure your clients are aware of this fact! Do your research and talk to other makeup artists—they’ll provide some advice on choosing the best airbrush products.

Airbrushing is Quick

One of the best things about airbrush makeup is how fast it is to apply! Within seconds you’ll achieve a perfect complexion. Even if you need fuller coverage on some clients, it will still cut your application time in half. When it’s a busy day, applying airbrush makeup will save you A LOT of time.

The main perk from quick makeup applications? You don’t need to rush! Since airbrushing is already quick, you don’t need to push your time limits to finish your client’s look. You can relax, apply some contour, maybe add a little blush, and marvel at how efficient you are!

Airbrush Makeup Looks Flawless

When it comes to getting that perfect complexion, airbrush makeup wins—hands down! Although some makeup artists prefer to use regular foundation to get an even complexion, this mainly comes down to skin types. Using airbrush makeup on your clients will provide a light, medium, or full-coverage look with a lot less product than a regular foundation!

Airbrushing can also be used to apply highlight, contour, and blush to give the face dimension. Your client’s skin will look absolutely gorgeous! There’s a reason this makeup has taken on the name of the classic Photoshop finish…

It’s a Go-To Look for Brides!

Adding airbrush makeup applications to your business will grow your client list for one main reason: brides love airbrush makeup!

Since it’s long-lasting and quick to apply, many brides look for a makeup artist that offers airbrush makeup. Even if bridal makeup isn’t your specialty, using an airbrush machine to give a flawless complexion can help you learn to apply bridal looks. Plus, brides should have a consultation with you before the actual wedding to make sure they like your application. This means you can gain experience in bridal makeup with just a few consultations!

To be clear, we don’t recommend advertising bridal services just because you have an airbrush machine.

Practice makes perfect, and you don’t want to falsely advertise your makeup skills if you don’t have much experience with brides!

Gaining experience with airbrush makeup can take some getting used to, but you can learn airbrushing skills fast. Practicing with friends and family will give you a feel for how easy airbrush makeup is to use, and an advanced class on using airbrush makeup will amp up the demand for your services!

Thinking about expanding your makeup skills? Check out the free airbrush makeup kit you’ll receive in QC’s Airbrush Workshop!

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