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Do you crave the excitement and culture of a big city, but love the charm of a small town? If you’re looking to start your career as a makeup artist in a metropolis with a strong sense of community, look no further than Adelaide, Australia.

As the capital of South Australia, Adelaide is the fifth largest city in the country, behind Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. As a makeup artist, you’ll have your pick of several different suburbs, each with their own flavor and culture, as well as a steady salary to look forward to.

So pack your sunscreen and join us as we take a journey through Adelaide, including the best places to work, makeup artists to follow, and what salary to expect!

Where to Work in Adelaide

Location: Brompton

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, mobile makeup artists

Industries: Entertainment and retail

Preferred Makeup Style: Creative and daytime makeup

Adelaide is a city surrounded by suburbs located very close to the city center. One of these suburbs, Brompton, is characterized by modern townhouses, old cottages, and buildings that have been renovated into shops and small businesses. This is a bohemian area with a great deal of students and artsy personalities. As a makeup artist in Brompton, you can expect to create some offbeat, creative makeup looks.

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We’re going to be totally honest with you, though – Brompton is by no means a wealthy ‘burb. Cheap bars, restaurants, and second hand shops abound, so you can expect your clients to have modest budgets when it comes to their makeup. There are ways of boosting your makeup artist salary, namely through secondary revenue streams such as retail, workshops and seminars, and even creating your own products! If you love the idea of building a colorful, artsy clientele but are discouraged at the reality of your salary, look into other ways of boosting it.

Location: Central Adelaide

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Beauty counter makeup artists, freelance makeup artists

Industries: Retail, salon and spa

Preferred Makeup Style: Bridal and high-end makeup

If you’re looking to start your career in the heart of Adelaide where shopping and nightlife are in rich abundance, the center of the city is beckoning you! One of Adelaide’s most famous streets, Waymouth Street, runs east to west and is lined with office buildings that feature restaurants, cafes and shops at ground level. What does this mean for a makeup artist? Well, you can expect a great deal of business in a location like this, with professional clients who need a convenient and accessible makeup artist.

If you have your sights set on a beauty counter job, you’ll be drawn to central Adelaide, as Rundle Mall is just minutes away from Waymouth Street! With over 1000 retail stores and services, you can be sure that many started their career as a makeup artist at stores such as David Jones, and with Rundle Mall so close to Waymouth Street, you can work as a freelance makeup artist in your spare time, as well as a beauty counter makeup artist.

In this buzzing area, you’ll need to set yourself and your skills apart from other makeup artists. A makeup certification will immediately give you a competitive edge, as will some hands-on experience and word-of-mouth referrals!

Location: Clarence Gardens

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, mobile makeup artists

Industries: Retail, Salon and Spa

Preferred Makeup Style: Bridal, everyday, creative makeup

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Mom-and-pop stores, quaint flower shops, and tiny cafes are what give the inner southern suburb of Clarence Gardens its flavor. We mentioned earlier that some areas of Adelaide have a small-town feeling, and nowhere is this clearer than in Clarence Gardens. Although this is a quiet suburb, you can still establish yourself as a makeup artist here, and if you love the idea of getting to know all your clients on a personal level, you’ll flourish!

A mobile makeup artist business is an excellent choice for this location – you’ll bring your makeup kit on the road and provide services to clients in their home. Just be sure to pack light and not to forget the essentials, as you’ll be constantly on the go! Once you have a list of loyal clients, you can set up a studio on one of the wide, tree-lined streets alongside small stores and cafes. You’ll find clientele who are looking for a pleasant, professional experience with their makeup artist.

One important thing to keep in mind about the residents of Clarence Gardens is that they take a great deal of pride in their appearance, and the appearance of their homes and gardens. One look down a street in this area and you’ll see just how well-kept each home, lawn, and flower bed is. So as a makeup artist, you can be confident that these clients want to look and feel their best at all times!

Location: Payneham

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance makeup artists, mobile makeup artists

Industries: Retail, Salon and Spa

Preferred Makeup Style: Everyday and bridal makeup

Located less than 15 minutes by car from central Adelaide is Payneham, another suburb with a friendly community. Unlike Clarence Gardens, however, Payneham is home to a significant group of freelance and mobile makeup artists who are concentrated near Portrush Road, which is home to many shops and cafes.

As a makeup artist in this particular suburb, your proximity to central Adelaide is extremely important – you’ll be able to gain more clients, boost your income, and hone your skills with the city so close by. At the same time, you’ll be able to set up your own studio or mobile business in this small, interesting suburb and make a name for yourself based on the services you provide (and of course, word-of-mouth!).

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In Payneham, you’ll need to stand out as a makeup artist – you won’t be the only one trying to gain clients and build your reputation. Consider packaging your makeup services, and even picking up a new makeup skill that’s popular, such as bridal or glamour makeup. The time and effort you put into organizing and pricing your services will seriously pay off down the road, especially when you can set yourself apart from other makeup artists in this suburb!

Location: Glenside

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Beauty counter makeup artists, freelance makeup artists, mobile makeup artists

Industries: Retail, Salon and Spa

Preferred Makeup Style: Bridal makeup, high-end, everyday makeup

In recent years, young professionals have flocked to quiet, safe, and well-kept Glenside. If this suburb sounds familiar, that’s because it shares many similarities with other locations on this list, namely Clarence Gardens and Payneham. If you haven’t picked up on it already, Adelaide is known for its small, green suburbs located super close to the city!

Glenside may share many similarities with other areas, but it is quite distinctive due to the fact that it is a prestigious, upper-middle class suburb. With many wealthy retirees living in both villages and grand old homes, you can be sure that you’ll earn a very decent salary working as a makeup artist in Glenside. A great spot for aspiring beauty professionals is Burnside Village, a sprawling, luxurious mall with over 100 premium lifestyle and fashion stores. Makeup artists can work at beauty counters, for retail stores, or choose to pursue freelance makeup jobs where they can expect higher-end clients. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be working on older clients in Glenside, so you’ll need to know exactly what mature clients are looking for in a makeup artist!

Adelaide Makeup Artists You Should Be Following

Jemma Millar

Not only is Jemma Millar responsible for dazzling makeup looks that feature flawless, glowing skin, she’s also known for her speedy makeup applications.

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Clients can expect to spend no more than 35 minutes in her studio in Somerton Park, and also have the option of hiring outfits for special events directly from Jemma’s studio! This is truly a one-stop shop for beauty, and one look at Jemma’s Instagram will illustrate just why she’s so well-known and revered in Adelaide!

Renee Chantel

Smoky eyes are not generally known for being colorful, but that hasn’t stopped Adelaide-based makeup artist Renee Chantel from putting her creativity to excellent use! Known for looks that feature flawlessly executed smoky eyes and radiant skin, Renee takes her makeup expertise one step further by adding in pops of color such as pink, green, and blue to add dimension, personality, and a serious amount of punch.

It’s no wonder she’s one of the city’s up-and-coming makeup artists – and one you definitely want to follow.

Luminous by Danielle

Affordable prices, soft bridal looks, and makeup lessons are just a few of Danielle’s offerings at Luminous by Danielle. Perhaps the best offering, however, is that she’s a mobile makeup artist who travels to her clients’ homes in Adelaide Hills to work her magic. And it’s serious magic – Danielle’s work has been featured in commercials and magazines, and she’s established quite a reputation for herself over 15 years in the makeup business.

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Her website showcases brides who look and feel their most beautiful, with her makeup simply enhancing the radiance that’s already there. Be sure to follow her on Facebook for constant inspiration!

Lauren Parkinson

When it comes to makeup artists that truly embody Adelaide’s spirit, Lauren Parkinson wins! A down-to-earth mobile makeup artist, Lauren specializes in creating beautiful and classic makeup looks for a variety of different events. Her work has been featured on the covers of Brides of Adelaide magazine, and she lends her talent to photoshoots on a regular basis.

Her stunning Instagram account will give you serious #makeupgoals, and provide you with a generous helping of inspiration!

A Makeup Artist’s Salary in Adelaide

When it comes to your makeup artist salary in Adelaide, you can expect to earn around $20.00 per hour to start. Similar to other cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Brisbane, makeup artists in Adelaide can expect their salary to rise with more hands-on experience. To look (and act) more professional, consider enrolling in a makeup course that provides you with both proper makeup training and a certification. You should also learn to apply as many different makeup techniques and styles as possible!

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You’ll need to set yourself apart in a place like Adelaide with so many suburbs and other makeup artists working in freelance, mobile, and retail roles, so expanding your range of services and standing out is key.

Find out exactly how much you should be earning as a makeup artist, and know what to charge when you settle into a new city!

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