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QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, Whitney Ellis, gives us advice on how/where to focus your skills as a professional makeup artist. Whitney is evolving into a skilled makeup artist and has developed insight on how to grow your skills and techniques in the industry!

Finding our place in the world of makeup is a personal journey. Some of us know going in exactly what we want to do, while others have no idea where to start. It is a journey of self-discovery that is worth every moment and investment if you want to make it as a professional makeup artist.

With so many different genres of makeup artistry, how do you find the right fit for you? Where do you even begin? Read on for some tips on how to focus your professional makeup services for your business!

Start with the basics

A solid foundation can carry you for years to come. If you were to ask me where I believe every aspiring makeup artist should start, I would tell you to start with the basics. QC Makeup Academy offers two different courses to acquire the knowledge of basic makeup artistry – the makeup artistry and master makeup artistry course. The courses teach us the fundaments that all makeup artists should know, from color theory to bridal and much more. It is in the course that your strengths will begin to shine through.

To follow your strengths (or not)

Do you follow your strengths or do you venture out for more of a challenge? There will be many people that will follow their strengths into a successful career in makeup while others may choose to take the harder, more challenging approach. For myself, I prefer the more challenging approach. I do not like to do things just because they are easy for me. I want to push myself to be the best at my craft that I can be. Everyone’s path will be different, and so will your experiences. But just because this works for me does not mean that you have to do the same.

Expanding your skills

Expand your makeup services

As makeup artist, the industry is ever changing and growing – and so should we. Learn everything you can even if it not in your ideal genre of makeup artistry. You never know how that knowledge will help you down the road. These other skills may help you get a job that you would not have been able to get otherwise. I have my mind set on becoming a special effects makeup artist, but I know that I have so much to learn before I ever start doing any special effects applications!

Follow your heart

At the end of the day you have listen to your heart and let it guide you in the direction that’s right for you. It may take you days, or it may take you years, before you find the ideal genre of makeup artistry for your career. Whatever the case, there is no wrong answer! Enjoy the journey that you are taking and take every moment in. You never know what you can learn or where you may go because of it.

I challenge you to believe in yourself and leave fear in the dust! Your dreams only work if you do. If you continue to struggle on where to go next or what to do, take some time to quite your mind and listen to yourself. We are all on our own journey to success – keep following your dreams and keep shooting for the stars beauties!

We are only given one life, why not make it the best we can!

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