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The ability to create timeless looks for mature makeup clients is an essential skill for makeup artists. These clients might want to look their best for any number of occasions.

You might be approached by the mother of a bride, or perhaps a retiree being honored for 40 years of loyal employment at a corporate party. Other mature clients might simply be unsure of how to adjust their everyday makeup routine for their changing skin.

Sometimes hiring a makeup artist is exciting for mature clients. Other times it’s a lesson in skincare and makeup techniques. Many of these clients aren’t used to having their makeup done professionally, but they’ll still be looking for some specific characteristics.

Here are the top 7 elements mature clients look for in a makeup artist!

1. Visual samples

Mature clients want to look their absolute best. Photos of your previous work on aging skin will make them feel much more reassured of your skills than a written resume would. Make sure that your ability to create fresh looks on aging skin is well represented in your portfolio.

Mature woman in makeup portfolio

2. A simple website

Most mature clients are familiar with conducting online searches and seeking information on websites. They’ll prefer it, however, if your website is simply laid out and easy to navigate. This doesn’t mean you can’t have professionally laid out pages and beautifully displayed pictures. Just make sure that clients are able to find your basic information easily. Your email, phone number, and pricing chart should be clearly labeled.

3. Foundational knowledge

Keeping up with the latest trends is beneficial, but you also need to have a thorough knowledge of more traditional techniques. Mature clients are more interested in simple, classic makeup. They want to look fresh and healthy, so give them subtle glamour rather than a dramatic smoky eye. Aim for the fine balance between timeless and outdated.

Mature clients might also want advice on caring for aging skin. Use your portfolio to display your skill in smoothing fine lines and working with mature facial structures.

4. True value

Mature clients want their money’s worth. They’re interested in prices that are affordable but still indicate quality service. No one wants to pay luxurious prices for simple, subtle makeup.

For example, giving your client a touch of glamour for her 50th anniversary party shouldn’t cost as much as a special effects application complete with prosthetics and expensive cosmetic paints for a Halloween party.

5. Appropriate service packages

Mature clients will be keen to work with you if you have a range of services for them to choose from. They’ll be accommodated and confident in your experience working with aging skin. Build packages that target clients who:

  • Want to learn about skincare regimes.
  • Want lessons in daily makeup for aging skin.
  • Want to look great for a special occasion.
  • Are attending specific events (ex. You might offer a special makeup deal for the mother of the bride at a wedding).

Clients who see themselves represented in the scope of your skills are far more willing to pay for your services.

Professional makeup on a mature woman

6. Accessibility

Freelance makeup artists or artists who are willing to travel are especially appealing to mature clients. For example, clients of a very advanced age might not want to visit a bustling salon, particularly if they’ve never had their makeup done professionally before. If you do work from a specific location, they’ll prefer a relaxing environment with good, comfortable chairs and a welcoming atmosphere over a space that is loud and overwhelming.

7. Approachability and communication

Working with mature clients is great practice for your communication skills. Firstly, they might have many questions about skincare and your makeup process. They’re also more likely to call you on the phone for information instead of emailing you. Work on your ability to listen well, speak clearly, and make clients feel comfortable with your tone and manner.

Learn from each other!

Mature clients are often very excited to work with you. These contracts are an opportunity to both teach and learn. You’ll feel great knowing that your skills make someone feel fresh and confident for the night, particularly someone who was perhaps unsure about applying makeup to their skin.

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